Mini-sprayer KDM 337 intended for economical and quick spraying of cold bituminous emulsions during dribbing, asphalt paving of road areas, for sealing joints and cracks of small areas of asphalt pavements.

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Main specifications* : 

Characteristic name Value 
Output, l/min  4
Spray zone radius, mm 5000
Length of spray sleeve, mm 4000
Length of sprayer, mm 1000
Engine: SADKO GE-200 R PRO
max. power, kW (h.p.) 4,9 (6,5)
Petrol А-95
fuel consumption, l/hour 1,8
fuel reservoir capacity, l 3,6
oil volume in the case, l 0,6
Pump: GP1K2.1R
capacity, cm3
pressure relief valve actuating pressure, bar, minimum 20
Propane-butane burner “Donmet” 250U 
Heat power, kW 42....68
fuel propane-butane
fuel consumption, kg/h 3,4-5,5
gas tank capacity, l 12
Dimensions at transportation, mm, max. (Length x Width x Height) 2300х800х750
Unladen weight, kg, max 137

* The manufacturer reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice.

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