Asphalt plant and how it works

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Asphalt plant and how it works

Asphalt plant (asphalt concrete plant), which provides the production of asphalt concrete mix in the required volume and within the specified time, is the most popular equipment in the modern market of road-building technologies. To get high-quality asphalt mix, the asphalt plant is equipped with the most advanced and efficient equipment, automated nodes and computer programs.

Asphalt plant and its operation

The mode of operation of the asphalt plant, which is provided with special equipment, allows you to accurately follow the basic requirements of the process to produce high-quality products. Asphalt concrete plant in this mode gives the quality of products that is necessary for the modern field of road-building equipment.

The material that is used in the process of manufacturing the asphalt mix should be delivered to the asphalt plant in the amount that will be consumed during the production cycle. This in turn will give the opportunity to manage production stocks in the quickest way.
Stable working asphalt mixing plant in modern conditions is impossible without an adapted software system. So, the higher is the degree of adaptation of this complex to the specifics and peculiarities of production and the tasks assigned, the better and more efficient will the asphalt plant work. All the proposed equipment shall have a powerful control system that can provide the adjustment of the basic recipes in an automated mode, as well as reliable control of raw materials costs in the manufacture of the asphalt concrete mix. 

An efficient computer network that can be used by an asphalt plant, skillfully controls the workload of the bins, the accuracy of the mixture compartment, the work of other important nodes.

In other words, a computer network fully automates the technological process of making asphalt concrete mixes and greatly simplifies management functions.

Where to buy an asphalt plant in Ukraine: equipment from PJSC Kredmash

In this article we will talk about the asphalt plant from PJSC Kredmash. First of all, it is worth mentioning the asphalt mixing plant, since more than one asphalt plant cannot be imagined without this basic technological equipment for the production of asphalt-concrete mixture. The main parameter of this installation is performance. So if they say that a particular asphalt plant has a capacity of 42, 56, 64, 120, 160 tons per hour, then the asphalt mixing plant itself is meant.

An asphalt mixing plant is a set of equipment operating according to a single technological scheme, each unit of which performs one or several operations of the production process aimed at obtaining an asphalt-concrete mix. Asphalt mixing plant is the main element of a manufacturing enterprise - asphalt concrete plant.

Components of the asphalt mixing plant

The feeding unit performs preliminary continuous dosing of stone materials in accordance with the specified mixture formulation and ensures their uniform supply to the drying unit.

The drying unit removes surface and hygroscopic moisture from the raw stone and heats it to the operating temperature.

Dust collecting devices purify exhaust gases from dust particles and harmful substances, collecting them for reuse or recycling in special storage facilities.

The aggregate of mineral powder carries out the reception, temporary storage and supply of mineral additives to the metering device of the plant.

The bitumen smelting unit receives, temporarily stores, heats and supplies the bitumen binder to the circulation piping.

The mixing unit sorts the inert materials dried and heated to the working temperature into separate fractions, dispenses all the components of the mixture, mixes them up and delivers the finished products.

The storage bunker for finished products carries out the reception, short-term storage and distribution of the finished mixture in the road transport.

The control system provides automatic control of equipment and technological process of the production of asphalt concrete mix.

The control cabin contains the main components of the installation management system and the operator’s workplace.

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