Asphalt concrete plant and asphalt mixing plant: what's the difference?

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Asphalt concrete plant and asphalt mixing plant: what's the difference?

Many start-up road builders who are just getting acquainted with this area may confuse concepts such as the asphalt concrete plant and the asphalt mixing plant.

It is true that these terms have a lot in common, as they are associated with the production of asphalt.

However, at the same time, there are also many differences, which we explain in this article.

What is the asphalt concrete plant and what does it consist of?

Asphalt concrete plant (abbreviated ACP) is the term applied to the whole complex of road equipment and facilities located on a certain territory and used for mixture production.

According to the instructions for the asphalt concrete plant, this mixture can be used in various fields and industries, but is often used in the road industry for the construction of new or repair of existing roads. 
Let us consider more details the layout of the asphalt concrete plant.

This complex consists of:

  1. Asphalt mixing plant - this equipment is a part (!) of the asphalt concrete plant.
  2. Laboratory for product quality control.
  3. Warehouses for crushed stone.
  4. Warehouses for bitumen.
  5. Workshop for repair.
  6. Boiler house.
  7. Objects intended for backup power supply.
  8. Household and administrative buildings.
  9. Access roads.
  10. Weighing house

If you are planning to purchase the asphalt concrete plant, its design features may vary slightly depending on your needs. 

In particular, they may differ in view of the different capacities and functionality of the chosen asphalt concrete plant.

Asphalt mixing plant as a part of the asphalt concrete plant

As you already understood, the asphalt mixing plant (abbreviated AMP) is part of a large asphalt production plant.

This is a key piece of equipment you need for work in this area, that's why we need to choose the best mixing plant for you.

In order to meet all current quality standards, Kredmash specialists use proven European components.

All company's asphalt mixing plants are distinguished by their long service life, reliability and uninterrupted operation.

Also, Kredmash equipment will be safe for the personnel who operate it and the region where it operates.

Let us consider the layout of the asphalt mixing plant.

This includes the following asphalt mixing plant units:

  • power unit;
  • finished mix unit;
  • dust;
  • mineral powder;
  • adhesive additive assembly;
  • bitumen modification unit;
  • drying unit;
  • furnace;
  • mixing;
  • cellulose additive;
  • operator's cabin;
  • bitumen tanks;
  • pneumatic system;
  • combined dust cleaning system;
  • heater for liquid heat carrier, etc.

Kremenchug plant of road machines specializes in asphalt mixing plants: here you can buy a reliable modern asphalt mixing plant, which will allow you to realize all tasks of your company.

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