Asphalt mixing plants for the construction of highways and national roads

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Asphalt mixing plants for the construction of highways and national roads

The future belongs to heavy, ACPs - asphalt mixing plants for the construction of highways and national roads.

Now, when “Ukravtodor” plans to renew the old pavement on the highways of national and international importance to the maximum, as well as build new convenient roads, it’s the right time to buy equipment designed for quite large volumes of production.

What “Kredmash” asphalt mixing plants are suitable for highways construction?

The first asphalt mixing plants for highways construction were produced at “Kremenchuk plant of road machines” back in 1990. DS-168 plants have been upgraded several times.

Now DS-168 is a plant that produces up to 160 tons of mixture per hour:

  1. The plant is equipped with a 5-fraction system of screening and batching of materials, which makes it possible to produce both upper and lower layers of asphalt concrete.
  2. The plants are characterized by a large feeding unit: a mixer for 2200 kg.
  3. The machinery is equipped with 2 vertical bitumen tanks of 50 cubic meters each. 
  4. A capacious ready-mix unit is provided designed for 100 tons of product.
  5. The plant is equipped with a bag filter system.

From 1990 to the present time, 280 of such ACPs have been produced. They are in demand among road builders today.

In addition to DS-168, there are several other high-capacity asphalt mixing plants in the range of PrJSC “Kredmash”:

  • KDM201
  • KDM205
  • KDM206
  • KDM209

KDM 201 is the equipment that produces 110 tons of mixture per hour. Maximum batch weight is 1500 kg. The first AMP of this model range was produced in 2004. Since then, 165 such AMPs have been produced.

During the production of asphalt concrete mixture, you can change its characteristics at all stages of production process.

This model of asphalt mixing plant, like all models produced by PrJSC “Kredmash”, is equipped with bag filter system. Road workers can choose the configuration they want: “Kremenchuk plant of road machines” offers both tower and parterre type equipment.

KDM205 produces 200 tons of mixture per hour. The first AMP model was manufactured relatively recently: in 2018. The product is equipped with mixer with a capacity of 2500 kg. It is currently the most productive unit among all the models in our plant.

However, “Kredmash” is not going to stop there: we have developed KDM210, which produces 240 tons/h. In the future, Ukrainian road workers involved in large-scale road works will be able to see all advantages of such equipment.

KDM206 produces 160 t/h. The volume of its mixer is designed for 2200 kg. The model belongs to a new generation of PrJSC “Kredmash” equipment, the main components of which are designed as a vehicle-mounted unit.

The first ACP of this type was produced in 2014. During this time, 38 such AMPs were delivered to the road workers.

This equipment provides for increased width of stone materials loading in the hopper of the feeding unit, a new design of racks and blades. The durability and efficiency of the bag filters has been improved, as well as the accuracy of batching components.

KDM209 produces 110 tons/hour with a maximum batch weight of 1500 kg. The equipment was first produced in 2016. Since then, nine such ACPs have been delivered to road workers.

All of the above plant models also distinguished by increased width of the feeding unit hoppers, bag filters, "hot" hopper thermal insulation, 5-6 fractional screening and batching system.

The main area of application of such machines is the arrangement of highways and highways. It is simply unprofitable to take a large capacity road machine to repair roads in small towns.

How to choose the asphalt mixing plant for the construction of highway or national roads? 

Asphalt mixing plants for the construction of highways

In order to choose asphalt mixing plants for the construction of roads of national importance, consult with the specialists of “Kremenchuk plant of road machines”.

Here, you are guaranteed to select modern effective products that will successfully meet all your business needs.

All asphalt mixing plants for asphalt production for highways are equipped with quality components from Europe and meet current environmental and safety requirements. The best value for money on the Ukrainian market!

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