What is the difference between ACP with a tower- and a parterre type arrangement of units?

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What is the difference between ACP with a tower- and a parterre type arrangement of units?

For the efficient operation of the asphalt concrete plant and the rational use of the site for the equipment, it is important to determine in advance which arrangement of ACP units is best suited for set tasks.

Asphalt concrete plants (ACP) with a tower arrangement of units and their characteristics

For the first time, the asphalt mixing plants with this type of arrangement were manufactured in 2009. As a rule, these are stationary batch action AMP.

Over the years, they have proven their effectiveness and are now the most demanded among road builders. This is due to their simple design and lower energy consumption for transporting the mixture than the parterre type.

АБЗ с башенной компоновкой агрегатов

Features of asphalt concrete plants with a tower arrangement of units:

  • The main construction units are located vertically;
  • The unit that starts the processing of raw materials first will be above all;
  • In such asphalt mixing plants, the hot materials are lifted up once;
  • Then the raw material, under the influence of its own gravity, passes through the sorting, hoppers, batchers, mixer and storage hopper.

Advantages of ACP with a tower arrangement of units:

  • Thanks to the natural flow of the components, the road builders save energy used to feeding of these materials.
  • Such AMP are more productive than parterre ones.
  • A relatively small area is required for placement (about a quarter less than for a ground-based AMP).

Disadvantages of the equipment:

  • vertical arrangement reduces the mobility of such asphalt concrete mixer;
  • these are rather high units, which causes some difficulties in their installation, maintenance and repair.

Asphalt concrete plants (ACP) with parterre arrangement of units and their characteristics

АБЗ с партерной компоновкой агрегатов

ACP with a ground-based arrangement of components was one of the first developments of Kremenchug Plant of Road Machines.

Features of ACP with the parterre arrangement of units:

  • The design of the units develops horizontally;
  • Materials go through the same stages of processing, lifting several times, and the total horizontal movement of the components exceeds the total lifting height;
  • The components are lifted to the required unit as many times as required according to the recipe for preparing the mixture.

Advantages of the asphalt concrete plant with a parterre arrangement of units:

  • More simple assembly and disassembly, since the unit does not require the use of powerful lifting equipment;
  • Such equipment is easier to operate, and its repair is more affordable than units of other types;
  • Less influence of vibration on devices and construction components;
  • Possibility to equip the chosen model of AMP with acting equipment, as well as mechanisms for self-assembly, which will be useful in case of frequent relocation from place to place.

Disadvantages of the equipment:

  • Increase in the costs of moving components, because all materials are lifted several times during the technological cycle;
  • As a result of the previous clause: increase in the number of used vehicles and lifting equipment;
  • During moving, which takes longer than a tower type, the raw material cools down quickly. This can negatively affect the quality of the mixture;
  • A large area is required for placement.

To order the interesting for you type of unit, contact the specialists of PrJSC “Kredmash”: they will help you choose ACP that will be most effective in your production.

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