The evolution of asphalt mixing units Kredmash

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The evolution of asphalt mixing units Kredmash

PrJSC “Kredmash” is a leading manufacturer of asphalt mixing units, which are in demand not only in Ukraine, but also in many countries around the world.

This year, our company celebrated 70 years since the output of the very first asphalt mixer. Therefore, today we would like to share with our partners and customers the history of “Kremenchug Plant of Road Machines” and tell in more detail about how our technology evolved.

How it all started: the first asphalt mixing units of the plant “Kredmash”. 

The history of our factory began in the distant 1870. At this time, the company had a different job profile: the plant produced threshing machines, horse drives, chuff-cutters, as well as spare parts for these products.

Bautz plant (previously the company was named after its first owner) was the first company in the territory of the former Poltava province, which established the production of various agricultural machines, as well as fulfilled orders for the railways.

It should be noted that the products were in demand and the plant made good profits.

However, the modern history of the company is the history of a course change to a new, more productive and meeting the needs of the time.

In 1949, the company introduced its new products - the first D-225 asphalt mixer. This road machine was a real breakthrough of the time: in all the years of its manufacture, from 1949 to 1963 were produced 1210 such units.

Following D-225, “Kremenchug Plant of Road Machines” produced a number of asphalt mixing plants:


AMP name  Years of production  Quantity of manufactured units  Equipment specifications
D288  1956-1974 2226 Mobile asphalt mixer that produces 6 tons of asphalt mix per hour.
D325, D325A 1956-1971 665   Product efficiency - 6 t/h
D597, D597A  1963-1975 3408 Automated periodic action equipment designed to produce 25 tons per hour.
D645-2, D645-2G 1970-1994 153  Stationary AMP with a capacity of 100 tons/hour.
DS84-2 1975-1984 5

ACU of periodic action, which produces 200 t/h.

DS-50A, DS-50B, DS-50B1 1974-present time 431 (currently)  Mobile (stationary) road machine, which is used for the preparation of cement-soil mixtures. The stationary model produces 200-240 tons per hour.
D508-2, D508-2A 1974-1985 4128 Stationary set of automated technological equipment, which is used in the manufacture of asphalt concrete and other bitumen-mineral mixtures in the amount of 25 tons per hour.
DS117-2E, DS-117-2K 1976-1989 4004 Stationary AMP of periodic action, producing 25 tons/hour.
DS-158 1988-1994 2406 The asphalt mixing unit DS-158 of plant “Kredmash” was at the time in demand among road workers in Ukraine. The equipment could produce 40-56 t/h.
DS-168  1990-present time 280 (at the moment) This is a modern AMP of “Kredmash”, which replaced D645-2G. This model is in good standing among road and utility companies, so many companies are interested in knowing in more detail the price, description and technical characteristics of asphalt mixing plant DS-168. The model produces 130-160 tons/hour. It has a mixer with a volume of 2200 kg, and AMU price can be found directly from the company's specialists.


70 years have passed since the start of the first AMU model production and during this time “Kremenchug Plant of Road Machines” did a good job on its products. Modern models of the company are computerized, high-tech and environmentally friendly AMP.

Modern asphalt plants and access to the international market.

Let us look closely at what key characteristics and advantages modern company products have:

  • Minimum time for the implementation of your order is up to 25 days.
  • Installation of asphalt plants is also possible on an urgent basis. Our experienced team of specialists is ready to complete all the work within a month. The client ought to timely prepare the site for AMU, as well as to provide power and gas supply there.
  • For the convenience of customers, we have provided the opportunity to choose a suitable layout of AMP.
  • High quality asphalt mix, which can be made according to any of the recipes accepted in EU. This is achieved through the use of the latest technology and the introduction of the best European components.
  • Safety of staff and environmental protection.
  • The ability to make AMP with extended or non-standard equipment.

The company's asphalt plants are in demand not only in Ukraine, but also far beyond its borders. The company's products have been supplied and delivered to more than 50 countries around the world.

For example, KDM 201, DS-168, and DS-185 were used for a highway of international importance that passes through the territory of Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, and Serbia. For this purpose, another asphalt plant KDM206 is often ordered. 


AMP name  Years of production  Quantity of manufactured units Equipment specifications
DS-185  1996- 516 This is an excellent choice of road workers who need equipment for small amount of work. Description of DS-185 asphalt mixing plant: produces 40-56 tons of the mixture within an hour, the mixer volume is designed for 730 kilograms, it has 1 power supply unit.
KDM 201  2004- 165 The stationary asphalt mixing plant KDM 201 produces 110 t/h, it can be of tower or ground type. Maximum weight of the batch is 1500 kg.
KDM 206 2014- 38 A new generation of “Kredmash” equipment, the main components of which are made in auto size. It allows to produce 160 tons per hour. The volume of the mixer is 2200 kg.
KDM 208 2015- 11 ЭThis model is for small volumes of work, as it is designed for production of 80 t/h. Maximum weight of the batch is 1000 kg.
KDM 209 2016- 9 Road vehicle of the new line with a capacity of 110 t/h. The mixer holds 1500 kg.
KDM 205 2018- 1 Heavy AMP capable to produce200 tons per hour. The optimal solution for the construction of routes or highways in big cities. Maximum weight of the batch is 2500 kg.



 In the future, it is planned to produce new, even more efficient models. You can learn more about the equipment, buy the asphalt mixing plant at the most reasonable and affordable price, and get an answer to all your questions by contacting with “Kredmash” consultants.

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