Evolution of the asphalt regenerator at the Kredmash plant

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Evolution of the asphalt regenerator at the Kredmash plant

One of the most sought-after developments of the Kredmash plant, an asphalt regenerator (asphalt concrete recycler), has gone a long way of evolution, starting with a completely hand-made device and ending with a modern automatic system that allows for prompt patching of roads.

Read about all the features of the technology, its development and improvement in our material.

Kredmash: the first Ukrainian machine for patching of roads

For over 60 years, the Kremenchug Plant of Road Machines has been manufacturing asphalt mixing plants and road patching equipment.

And if the first patching installations were fairly simple and unpretentious, today, thanks to the efforts of the engineers and designers of the company, all patching machines are designed to meet all international quality and safety standards and meet all market needs.

Conventionally, the entire evolution of the asphalt pavement repair machine can be divided into 3 stages:

  • first designs made by the enterprise;
  • products released before 2016;
  • new equipment of 2017.

Let us dwell on each of these stages.

Thus, the first asphalt regenerator consisted of a manual boiler for cast asphalt and provided for the manual mixing of components and the heating of the mixture with firewood.

Первый регенератор асфальта Кредмаш

Asphalt recycler before 2016 - features of patching equipment 

The company is always actively seeking to improve and enhance all its developments. This policy of the company also touched the patching technique, which has undergone a number of significant changes.

Thus, the RA-801 asphalt recycler before 2016 was distinguished not only by its affordable price, but also by a number of other key features of the product:

  • The components were mixed using the НАTZ autonomous engine;
  • Heating – by Riello burner;
  • Capacity was 800 kg per hour. 

This device was mounted on a trailer and was independent of the vehicle equipment. The equipment was designed to repair the roadway with hot asphalt and was located directly near the site to be restored.

Регенератор асфальта Кредмаш РА-801

RА-802 — an updated asphalt concrete recycler from Kredmash.

The success of the previous model RA-801 inspired the enterprise developers to update this sought-after product, thanks to which the new model of the RA-802 turned out to be an order of magnitude better than its predecining model:

  • Mixing is still performed by the НАTZ autonomous engine, which has proven itself to be reliable;

  • For heating, the developers introduced a new ELCO burner that runs on liquid fuel;

  • To improve the quality of work with the regenerator, 1 operator is now involved;

  • Capacity is 4,000 kg per hour.

As you can see, the new model has gone an order of magnitude more efficient than the previous one, the performance indicators have increased significantly, which essentially turns the installation into a full mini-asphalt plant.

This device can be used even in the cold season, when the operation of other types of equipment is impossible.

Рециклер асфальтобетона Кредмаш РА-802

Another advantage of the product is a significant - up to 50% -  reduction in repair costs. The equipment works with recycled asphalt material, which is processed immediately on site, which reduces the cost of work and reduces the cost of labour, equipment and fuel used.

Products of Kredmash have perfectly shown themselves in the restoration of ordinary roads, as well as the major highways of international importance.

In addition, installations do not produce waste, which makes them safe for the environment and the personnel.

You can learn more about all the features of the regenerator, its price or buy a recycler for asphalt concrete produced in Ukraine by contacting representatives of PJSC Kredmash. Our specialists will be happy to advise you and help you choose a mini asphalt concrete plant that best meets all your needs.


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