How to open your own asphalt plant

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How to open your own asphalt plant

Recently, the official website of PrJSC "Kredmash" has received a lot of requests on how to buy or how to open the asphalt plant. This excitement around the technology is associated with the fact that large funds are allocated for the repair and construction of roads in Ukraine and many entrepreneurs want to try their hand at this business.

Actually, the question of how to open the asphalt plant rings a bit incorrect. It would be more correct to say that you are interested in how to start your own road construction business.

Stages of opening the asphalt plant for different types of buyers

Let's start with the basics. Buying the asphalt mixing plant just like that, without specific studies, a ready-made business plan and orders for the construction of roads is the utopia. You cannot buy the asphalt plant hoping for good luck.

Today, analyzing the buyers of our asphalt mixing plants, who for the first time purchase asphalt mixing plants manufactured by PrJSC Kredmash, we can confidently say that there are several ways to enter this business for each of the categories of customers, namely:

  • Buyers "new start" who have not previously been involved in road construction.

To begin with, future road workers need to take part in a tender (bid) for the construction or repair of both state and local roads. It is advisable to win this tender.

Such tenders in Ukraine are held almost every day in PROZORRO system. The list of documents submitted by bidders is indicated in each announcement. By the way, to carry out the contract for the repair and construction of roads, you can also use leased equipment (in this case, you need to provide the agreement on the supply of asphalt to a third-party AMP). In the future, making sure that such activities are promising, you should consider buying your own equipment, which is more profitable than buying asphalt on the side.

If your company won a tender for the repair and construction of the road, then it will be easier to rent (or land allotment) a piece of land for the installation of the asphalt mixing plant from the territorial community, supply of electricity and other permits.

Also, for the development of the business it is necessary to involve specialists (consultants), better than the former head of AMP, the chief engineer - those specialists who understand all the details of the work of such equipment.

  • Customers who are already engaged in the production of crushed stone and cement.

They already have the main components and it is easier for such companies to establish the related business, which can eventually become the main one. They have experience in procurement and production potential. In this case, it is necessary to involve specialists in the production of asphalt. If there is funding, then there will be a prospect for the development of this business.

Starting next year, state funding for road construction will occur only at the expense of the road fund.

  • Customers who manufacture concrete or construction mixes.

The concrete production market is quite saturated, therefore, for concrete producers, the development of a new business direction will be promising - the construction of regional and local roads.

At the same time, it is also necessary to involve asphalt production specialists and purchase the asphalt plant at an optimum price for you. You will find a good selection of equipment of various capacities on the website of Kremenchug plant of road machines.

Asphalt plant from the producer of PrJSC Kredmash in Ukraine

PrJSC Kredmash, as a manufacturer of modern asphalt mixing plants in Ukraine, is interested in increasing the number of domestic players in the road market using our equipment.

If you want to buy the asphalt plant in Ukraine, developed taking into account all European quality standards and which will produce good mixture, then AMP of our company is exactly what you need.

Among the entire assortment, you can choose  AMP that suits you best by performance. We have equipment with a capacity of 56 tons per hour and up to 200 tons per hour. Small AMP are suitable for small cities and united communities.

Large asphalt mixing plants (from 160 to 200 tons) manufactured by PrJSC “Kredmash” - for roads of national importance and highways.

We are ready to provide information and technical support and advice.

Our phone number is + 38-0536-74-22-89, e-mail:

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