How is the quality control of the asphalt concrete mixture

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How is the quality control of the asphalt concrete mixture

In order to make a good pavement, the road workers have to regularly monitor the quality of the asphalt concrete mixture, which will eliminate its possible defects and increase the service life of the roadway.

Stages and features of quality control of asphalt concrete mixture.

The service life of the roads depends on what kind of asphalt will be used for the construction of roads, as well as how reliable and stable they will be.

Stages and Features of Quality Control Of Asphalt Concrete :

  • Property of raw materials;
  • Climatic conditions of the region;
  • Features of the roadbed construction;
  • Traffic intensity on the selected road section;
  • Technical condition of the asphalt mixing plant;
  • Compliance with cooking recipes and temperature conditions;
  • Qualifications of the operator and other service personnel.

Good asphalt should be strong and even, with minimum springy and water repellency.

When arranging the pavement, the quality control of the asphalt concrete mixture at asphalt mixing plant is carried out:

  1. During its preparation;
  2. At the stage of laying the roadbed;
  3. During the check of the reliability of the finished coating.

Let us dwell a bit on the quality control of the preparation of asphalt concrete mixtures.

  • Initial stone materials should be cuboid and stored in fractions;
  • Also, all these components should come with minimum inclusion of dust and square stones;
  • Bitumen must be dewatered and modified.

AMP laboratories check the compliance of the raw materials and asphalt concrete mixture with the current standards.

In addition, it is important to consider the duration of mixing of mineral components with bitumen. It must be sufficient to cover the surface of all inert material particles with bitumen.

On all batch asphalt mixing plants produced by PrJSC “Kredmash”, the duration of this mixing with bitumen is 33-48 seconds. It depends on the type of produced mixture.

All asphalt plants produced by PrJSC “Kredmash”, if properly operated in accordance with the factory instructions, ensure the production of high-quality mixtures that meet national and European standards.

For the customer convenience, both stationary and movable automated control systems with similar technical characteristics (regardless of chosen layout scheme) are offered.

Movable units, as agreed with the customer, are optionally equipped with underlay frames.

You can know more about the company's products and all the nuances of the equipment operation by contacting “Kredmash” consultants.

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