How to make high-quality asphalt patching?

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How to make high-quality asphalt patching?

No matter how good the asphalt is, sooner or later it will need restoration, where patching of roads is considered to be one of the most common methods.

Read about what equipment is best suited for this type of work, as well as all the features of this process in our material.

What determines the quality of patching?

Patching of roads is one of the many methods of road surface restoration.

It can be used as a complete repair of the roadway with the replacement of the old pavement across its entire width, as well as local work on certain sections.

The quality of such works depends directly on how carefully all the details of the patching technology are observed.

For this the following is needed:

  1. to separate the damaged fragment of the roadway from the whole surface using a special road milling machine;
  2. clean the area of the waste: crumbs and dust, which were formed during the work;
  3. process this area with heated bitumen, and then pour it with asphalt concrete mixture.

Price of patching roads directly depends on how much material was spent on the restoration of the road surface, used equipment and a number of other factors.

How to make patching

In order for the restored area to be solid and safe in operation, it is necessary to strictly follow all the rules of asphalt patching.

For this:

  • Perform all phases of patching of asphalt pavement with clearly defined time intervals

Theoretically, you should perform the restoration without any gaps between all phases at all, or at least minimize the time intervals between them.

  • Use quality raw materials

No comments needed here. In order for the asphalt mix to meet the required standards, it must be made of good-quality materials on modern machinery for patching of roads. For example, using the recycler PA-802, which can heat the asphalt chips, initially having the necessary composition of inert materials mixed with bitumen, to the operating temperature and a mini-sprayer KDM-337 intended for the dosed processing of asphalt paving sites with bitumen emulsion. Modern mini-sprayers facilitated the hard work of the bitumen grader before directly laying the asphalt mix.

  • To maintain the set temperature condition

If the mixture is warmer or colder than required, its technical characteristics may decrease or its properties may change, which ultimately affects the quality of the restoration.

Technology to eliminate road cracks and hole

One of the most common technologies for patching of highways is patching with hot asphalt, which involves the use of a road milling machine and a machine such as the PA-802 asphalt regenerator. It is also called a recycler.

This device performs all the necessary actions with asphalt directly near the site to be restored, at air temperatures from -5 to +30 °С. This is very important, since in the cold season (autumn-winter-spring) the pavement collapses more intensively than in the warm season, and asphalt concrete plants do not already or do not work yet. At this time of year, a recycler is simply irreplaceable.

 It will help to restore the road surface in places where snow was lying recently. The productivity of the equipment is 4 tons of the mixture per hour.

This equipment can be purchased from PrJSC Kredmash, the proven manufacturer of asphalt plants and wheeled vehicles.

Due to the various methods of restoration work and the ability to be introduced with the additional functionality, each road builder will be able to choose for himself the device that will best meet his needs.

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