How to choose an asphalt mixing plant

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How to choose an asphalt mixing plant

In order to choose a quality asphalt mixing plant, many details shall be taken into account.

The plant for the production of asphalt is a rather complicated machine. Our company produces various modifications of such equipment with different characteristics and functionality, so that each client can choose for himself exactly the one, which will work effectively in his production.

Today, we will try once again to answer all the questions of our clients and explain what shall be paid special attention when choosing an asphalt mixing plant.

PJSC Kredmash - universal asphalt mixing plants

Many countries around the world are successfully engaged in the production of asphalt mixing plants, however, it is important to note here the top three most popular manufacturers of such equipment:

  • The European-made asphalt plant means an excellent quality of the equipment itself and the asphalt-concrete produced by it. The only “drawback”, if you can call it that, is the cost of such equipment and the time of its manufacture. The equipment from the European manufacturer costs fancy money.
  • The AMP of some Asian manufacturers has been always a lottery. Indeed, you buy inexpensive equipment, but here no one will give you guarantees how long this technology will last and what quality of product you will receive. Often it is short-lived machines that produce low-grade product.
  • Asphalt plant of domestic manufacture is the best value for money. Thus, the leader of the domestic market PJSC Kredmash manufactures modern AMPs  using imported components of well-known European manufacturers. Products of PJSC Kredmash are distinguished by good functionality, and the asphalt concrete produced by them meets international standards.

In addition to a favourable ratio of price and quality, these products have many other advantages that make them a truly universal choice for every serious road builder.

Asphalt concrete plants by Kredmash: the choice of a successful enterprise

The products of our company are asphalt concrete plants, which find a positive response among many Ukrainian and foreign road builders.

This is easily explained by the following  features of our asphalt plants:

  • A sufficiently large model range of equipment, so that each customer can choose  the one  that meets all his needs. We have equipment of different capacities, asphalt regenerators for road patching and much more. However, if you have not found what you need among our products, we are always ready to add to the products the functions that are necessary for your effective work.
  • Your order will be made as soon as possible - up to 30 days. The same applies to the installation on your site: it can be done literally in a month. All that is needed for this is to prepare a site for installation in advance.
  • Always a high quality mix, so you can be sure that the pavement will last a long time. 
  • Introduction of the best European components from Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic and Hungary to the products.
  • Compliance with existing European quality standards, environmental protection and the safety of your workers who will be involved in asphalt concrete plants.

PrJSC Kredmash offers something more than just  a good selection of different equipment. Our company also has a friendly and attentive service, so that our customers can be sure that they will receive answers to all, even the most highly specialized, questions and will be able to choose equipment that will fully meet their needs.

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