Types of filtration systems and when to use bag filter

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Types of filtration systems and when to use bag filter

Filters for asphalt mixing plants are reliable devices designed to reduce the amount of pollutant emissions into the atmosphere.

They constantly arise during the production of asphalt concrete mixtures.  Since the policy in recent years has shown a bias towards the environmental friendliness of such production, road workers around the world are interested in making their work safer and, as a result, more demanded.

Types of waste-gas treatment in asphalt mixing plants

PrJSC “Kredmash” asphalt mixing plants are equipped with a reliable filtration system for the purification of process gases used to reduce dust and gaseous emissions to the level harmless to the environment.

The system includes a bag filter. It is designed for more efficient cleaning with at least 99 % of the dust contained in the gas-flue flow remaining in the dust collector. 

When to use a bag filter?

Рукавный фильтр

“Kremenchuk plant of road machines” uses bag filters with a cleaning area of up to 765 m².

The design of this device is as follows:

  • A unit in a dustproof case, in which bags made of Nomex filter material are installed.
  • At the inlet of the bag filter unit, there is a section for separating the coarse fraction of dust.
  • At his choice, the operator can send this dust whether to the stone material elevator and then to the sand block of the "hot" bunker or to the dust elevator and then to the dosing unit or to the dust silo.
  • Regeneration is carried out due to the vacuum created by the exhauster.


  1. Excellent dust cleaning efficiency that meets all environmental standards. Thereby, the equipment can be mounted quite close to residential buildings. The bag filter works absolutely smokeless, with a very high degree of dust cleaning - the dust concentration at the outlet of this device does not exceed 20 mg/m³. 99.998 % of particles are captured.
  2. Constructional member move mechanically.
  3. Some complexity in service, which requires the involvement of highly qualified personnel.

Customized design and manufacture of bag filters

 “Kremenchuk plant of road machines” customizes filters for asphalt mixing plants.

Our technology of cleaning the air from dust meets the current EU requirements.

To order the equipment, contact the consultants of our company: they will help you choose the best option to meet all your tasks.

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