Mini asphalt plant: differences from stationary and mobile asphalt concrete plants

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Mini asphalt plant: differences from stationary and mobile asphalt concrete plants

The mini asphalt plant is a demanded equipment, which has its own characteristics and advantages over stationary and mobile asphalt concrete plants.

We learned from Vladimir Petrovich Ponomarenko, a member of the Board, Head of the Department for Foreign Economic Relations and Sales of PJSC Kredmash, about the difference between mini asphalt plants and other equipment in this industry, as well as product prices. 

For whom is a mini asphalt plant suitable?

— Vladimir Petrovich, PJSC Kredmash specializes in the production of modern equipment for the manufacture of high-quality roadway. One of the company's activities is the production of mini asphalt plants. What makes them different?

— This machine is characterized by minimal performance. Thus, a mini plant for the production of asphalt, namely DS-185 for hot asphalt, produces 56 tons / hour. 

Despite such production volumes, this equipment is very popular and is used to perform small amounts of work. For example, for patching of roads, an asphalt regenerator PA-802 is used. Its capacity is 2 tons per hour. They say, the choice is up to the buyer.

— How does a mini asphalt plant differ from stationary and mobile ones? 

— The above mentioned RA-802 prepares a mixture of milled asphalt and does not require special warehouses for bitumen and inert materials. It heats the material directly at the place of work - in the yards, on sidewalks, on small platforms, when repairing communications, etc.

— It turns out that such installations are only suitable for organizing a small business only, does not it? 

— They are needed by those who are engaged in the maintenance and repair of roads, especially in small cities where there is no own asphalt-concrete equipment. It can be both large road organizations and small business for the production of asphalt.    

— What are the advantages of these models?

— A lot of them. But the main advantages are mobility and ease of use, as well as the price of products that can be profitably purchased from our company. 

Kredmash - a modern mini plant for the production of asphalt 

— Vladimir Petrovich, what models of mini asphalt plants does the Kredmash plant produce?

— Today, the company can offer two types of reliable technology. RA-802 is designed for patching pavement.
DS-185 of a relocatable and stationary version is a complete asphalt concrete plant with a ready mix unit with bitumen heater for 30 m and capacity 56 t/h. 

— The company produces powerful installations that meet all European standards. Are the European components also used for the manufacture of asphalt plants with a small capacity?

— Components of well-known world companies are used throughout the Kredmash brand asphalt mixing equipment: geared motors manufactured in the Czech Republic and Germany, Italian augers, oil heaters by MASSENZA, fittings from European manufacturers, block burners for bitumen heaters by Riello, German and Hungarian burners for drying aggregates, webbed screens, compressors, receivers, frequency converters, electrical equipment from leading European manufacturers and much more.

— Is the purchase of such a plant profitable in terms of financial savings? How much does an asphalt plant cost?

— The price of the PA-802 asphalt regenerator is UAH 788 100, including VAT. The cost of the DS-185, depending on the configuration, starts from UAH 7 122 000, 00, including VAT.

— Is a mini asphalt concrete plant  profitable? Or is the future for stationary and mobile asphalt plants?

— Each type is characterized by quick payback. As I have already said, this type of products serves well for the repair and maintenance of the roadway in those places where there is no other technology. Due to its mobility and ease of use, these products will always be in demand.

As for stationary models, one cannot do without them where a high-quality road surface is needed. It must be done with the use of modern materials and technologies, with a guarantee of 10-12 years. A good asphalt concrete can only be obtained on stationary or relocated asphalt mixing plants, subject to the technology, with an automatic control system for the preparation of asphalt.

 PJSC Kredmash has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of such products. And we can guarantee that the asphalt concrete produced on our modern KDM206, KDM208, KDM209 and other installations, with the observance of technology and the use of high-quality materials, will be no worse than European.

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