Assembly, installation and commissioning of asphalt plant (AP)

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Assembly, installation and commissioning of asphalt plant (AP)

The main tasks of DTSMP (Department of technical service of manufactured products) are: assembly, contract supervision, installation and commissioning of AP, as well as service, warranty and post-warranty service, break ground, modernization of asphalt-mixing plants and their dismantling.

Assembly and installation of the asphalt plant: what factors should be taken into consideration

One of the important stages of the organization of the process of making the road mixture is AP assembling.

It is preceded by the design and preparation of the site for the asphalt plant.

This process (as well as dismantling of equipment) is carried out by specialists of the manufacturer.

Contract supervision is carried out by employees of the customer's organizations under the guidance of the manufacturer's representatives.

During the assembly of the asphalt plant it is important to take into account the following factors:

  • continuity of supply of building materials to the object;
  • the minimum price of the road mixture;
  • the absence of groundwater on the site where AP will be located at a level of more than 4 meters, as well as the availability of the water source that will be needed for solution of all technological needs of the equipment;
  • location of railways and highways in the close proximity of the place where AP installation is planned;
  • features of the lay of land where the asphalt concrete mixer will be placed: it is advisable to mount it on the site without steep gradients;
  • supply of electricity, which will be enough to power all components and units of equipment;
  • absence of residential buildings and buildings in the sanitary zone at a distance of at least 1 km.

Technical support during the warranty period is carried out only for AP mounted and put into operation by specialists of the company in the shortest possible time.

The head of DTSMP at the request from the customer for fulfilling of any work (based on volume of the planned work) calculates terms and quantity of the personnel necessary for their carrying out, and also their cost is defined. The contract for fulfilling of services of asphalt concrete plant is concluded. 

After signing the contract and receiving a written call from the organization, DTSMP sends its representatives to the facility within the stipulated time.

Execution of work is carried out by crew in the terms stipulated by the contract.

Commissioning of the asphalt plant and staff training

Assembly and commissioning of AP are carried out according to the installation instructions and the documentation developed by DB (Design Bureau).
This is a rather complex process that requires the involvement of highly qualified personnel. Failure to commission AP at the proper level can result in malfunctions and, in the worst case, equipment failure.

What included in the commissioning of asphalt plants:

  • Acceptance of AP and check of its complete set for conformity.
  • If necessary, on a contractual basis with the customer is technical support and training of staff who will serve AP.
  • Inspection of the whole set of equipment, as well as everything that is directly related to its operation.
  • This includes the quality of the components that will be used to prepare the mixture, water, electricity network, etc.
  • In case of defects detection - drawing up their list and the subsequent elimination of problems.
  • Test run of each individual unit and aggregates.
  • Test run of the entire asphalt plant.
  • Launch of equipment in its operating mode with quality control of the received products.

After performance of all work and commissioning of AP with issue of model asphalt concrete mix the bilateral act on the performed work is made out.

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