Asphalt recycler: what it is and how it works

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Asphalt recycler: what it is and how it works

This modern equipment allows you to quickly and efficiently restore the roadbed, and also allows you to significantly save on the implementation of these works.

Asphalt recycler: road repair machine

Asphalt recycler is an installation for patching of roads, which can be made in the form of a self-propelled or trailed machine. In order to make a mixture that will be laid on the roadway, the equipment performs the recycling of asphalt, using materials such as pieces or chipping from milling. For this, the regenerator directly at the place of work heats the future components of the mixture and mixes them thoroughly.

As a result, road builders receive high-quality asphalt concrete mix, which can be hot-laid on the roads of the second to the fifth category (including roads that allow more than 10,000 cars per day).

Among the advantages of the RA-802 asphalt concrete recycler is the high quality of the restoration of damaged road sections. As practice shows, the technology of repair with hot asphalt allows you to get a coating that will be 2-3 times stronger and more resistant to moisture than the cold one.

This modern equipment allows to quickly produce a good product and effectively restore the roadway.

Also, this machine is in special demand among road builders in the cold season (winter, early spring or late autumn), when it is impossible to use a stationary asphalt concrete plant. At this time, the technology of recycling asphalt becomes the most appropriate and cost-effective.

Recycling of used asphalt

First, let's understand how the equipment for patching asphalt works.

  • The technology assumes that all materials are initially loaded into a cylindrical drum, which is equipped with a burner and blades specially designed for mixing.
  • In this unit, the components are mixed using the gravity method.
  • At one time a batch of 200 to 1600 kg can be mixed. For this operation, it takes from 10 to 20 minutes.
  • To achieve the highest performance of the regenerator, it is necessary to load crushed asphalt crumbs, which is made by cold milling.
  • The quality of the mixture can be much better if you also add semisolid or solid bitumen in the amount of 1-2% of the total weight of the mixture when loading the crumbs.

Among all the popular models in this segment, the asphalt regenerator RA-802 is rightfully considered to be  the most efficient.

It has the following design features:

  • batch weight - 800 kg;
  • equipped with an independent hydraulic drum drive;
  • maximal mobility during transportation;
  • capacity up to 4 tons of mixture per hour;
  • diesel is fuel  is used;
  • raw materials are fed to the drum using a charging hopper;
  • allows to work with practically any type of asphalt roads, and the entire repair process does not seriously interfere with road traffic;
  • may be used to enhance the already existing old coating;
  • works even in the cold season (at temperatures up to - 5 °С), when the work of stationary asphalt concrete plants is impractical.

PrJSC Kredmash offers a good selection of municipal equipment for sale, which shows good results and is able to restore almost any type of roads to excellent condition.

You can find out the price of the asphalt recycler and get detailed recommendations about the operation by contacting the specialists of our company.

Our consultants will eagerly help you to choose the equipment and answer to all your questions.

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