Stationary and movable asphalt mixing plants in Ukraine

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Stationary and movable asphalt mixing plants in Ukraine

Today, stationary and movable asphalt mixing plants in Ukraine are the most relevant and effective technique in the road construction market.

PrJSC “Kredmash” offers a large selection of modern asphalt concrete plants, which are considered real leaders in their industry and allow to produce a mixture according to any of the recipes accepted in the European Union.

The operation principle of stationary and movable asphalt mixing plants

If your specialization is related to the manufacture of asphalt and you want to purchase a reliable asphalt concrete plant, then you are probably interested to know the key characteristics and features of this modern technology in greater detail.

Stationary asphalt plant is one of the most popular equipment among the Ukrainian road workers. In order to optionally produce a high-quality mixture, the asphalt mixing plant is equipped with advanced equipment, an optional computer control system for whether the cellulose agent unit or the adhesion agent unit, modern nods, spare parts and accessories from leading European manufacturers.

It is worth mentioning how a stationary or a movable asphalt concrete plant works.

The production process of the asphalt mix is the following:

  1. In order for the mixture to clearly correspond to the recipe, the asphalt mixing plant allows to sift oversized stone material. For these purposes, a grate for oversized material is used;
  2. The plant makes preliminary dosing of stone components in the power unit and then supplies materials to the drying unit; The installation makes preliminary dosing of stone components in the power unit, after which it supplies materials into the drying unit;
  3. After the components got into the drying unit, the equipment heats and dries them to a given operating temperature;
  4. After the future components of the mixture are heated, they are sorted into 5 or 6 fractions and are sent for sorting and temporary storage in the bunker for hot stone materials. In weighing batchers on strain gauges, the materials are dosed and fed into the mixer;
  5. A bag filter is used to clean the exhaust gases;
  6. The equipment also receives mineral powder and bitumen. For each component there is a separate unit responsible for the temporary storage, dosing and delivery of materials to the mixer;
  7. After all the components are prepared and sent to the mixer, they are mixed.

The mixture is ready for use in the road sector. To do this, it can be unloaded into the compartments of the temporary storage bunker, from where it can then be loaded onto the appropriate motor vehicle.

Kremenchug plant of road machines offers a large selection of AMPs of various capacities, designed for both small-scale road repairs and for the construction of roads in large cities or long highways.

In particular, you can buy a tower-type asphalt concrete plant (ACP) from us. In this arrangement, the hopper of the finished mixture will be located directly below the mixer. This installation is ideal for those who cannot allocate a large area for the installation of equipment.

What purposes are stationary ACPs for?

Kremenchug plant of road machines offers to purchase any model of a stationary ACP on the most affordable and favourable conditions:

  • a tower-type, as well as a parterre type;
  • designed to work on gas or liquid fuel; 
  • equipped with a system for cleaning outgoing from the dryer drum in a bag filter or in cyclones and a wet dust collector;
  • equipped with microprocessor control system. 

All equipment of the company has the required world-class quality certificates.

However, most of PrJSC “Kredmash” road machines are made in auto size, which makes it easy to transport them and mount them on a new work site.

We guarantee the prompt installation, commissioning and start-up of our equipment, as well as provision of our customers with all the necessary additional after-sales service.

Cooperation with PrJSC “Kredmash” is the best opportunity to purchase modern road equipment that will service for a long time.

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