Construction of roads in Ukraine 2017

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Construction of roads in Ukraine 2017

Construction of roads in Ukraine is one of the most pressing problems. The condition of roads in our country has improved markedly over the past year, and road construction has become one of the most promising areas for business organization.

We talked to Vladimir Petrovich Ponomarenko, a member of the Board, the head of the Foreign Economic Relations Department and the implementation of PJSC Kredmash, about the main measures required for the modernization of roads and equipment for the repair of asphalt pavement.

Prospects for road construction

– Vladimir Petrovich, how do you assess the current state of roads in Ukraine?

– Over the past year we have seen a positive trend in road construction. The quality of the roads has changed for the better, although not as quickly as we would like. For example, if a year ago it was quite difficult to get from Kremenchug to Poltava (rutting, influxes, pits), today the condition of the roads has noticeably improved, serious repair work is underway to replace the roadway surface.

But it’s too early to compare our roads with European ones.

– What do you think, what measures should be taken to change the situation for the better?

– I can identify three main factors, the implementation of which can positively influence the current situation:

  • increase the financing of the road industry, not only in words.
  • It is also needed to introduce independent quality control of road construction and maintenance.
  • At the state level, the axle load of the vehicles shall be monitored. Otherwise, by the winter, after transportation of grain to the ports of Ukraine, there will be no roads again.

– It turns out that road construction is indeed a promising industry.

–Yes, surely. Over the past few years, new organizations that had not been previously engaged in the production of asphalt came into this business. But they quickly learn. They acquire new road equipment, master the technology of asphalting, participate in tenders and actively try to gain a foothold in this market segment. A good roadbed is not just another whim. Without modern roads, development of Ukraine and its integration into the EU is impossible. Everybody understands this today.

Kredmash: effective equipment for the production of asphalt

– Vladimir Petrovich, which major producers of asphalt concrete plants are in demand in the field of road construction and why?

– On the Ukrainian market, there are individual European manufacturers, but the leader of sales, of course, is PJSC Kredmash. All asphalt mixing plants of the company are in demand, both in the early years of production and in the new model range, which have European certificates that are not different from them in performance, but 1.5-2 times cheaper than European ones. In addition, our plants are less demanding on the source materials, and the delivery time for spare parts for them does not exceed 30 days.

– What equipment for the production of asphalt would you recommend?

– Naturally, asphalt plants produced by PJSC Kredmash. We can offer asphalt concrete plants DS185 with a capacity of 56-64 t/h for small volumes of work, and powerful KDM206, KDM205 with a capacity of 160-200 t/h, soil mixers DS50B with a capacity of 240 t/h and with the possibility of performing cold recycling on them.

We also produce equipment for patching of roads: the recycler PA802 and a mini-sprayer. This technique is indispensable in the offseason (winter, early spring), when the asphalt plants cannot be started yet, and the need for repairing the roadway has already arrived.

– You mentioned cold recycling. It turns out that your asphalt plants produce two types of asphalt: cold and hot. How do they differ and where is each type applied?

– Cold recycling or the production of cold asphalt is used to make the foundation for pavement. Hot asphalt in all other cases.

– Asphalt plant of domestic production is a profitable investment, which will soon justify itself. And what is the price of the plants and where can they be bought?

– PJSC Kredmash produces asphalt concrete plants with a capacity of 56 tons per hour and 200 tons per hour. Ground-batching plants – 240 t/hour. All equipment is assembled at own production facilities in the city of Kremenchug, Poltava region. You can purchase products both from the company and from its dealers around the world.

Prices for our plants for the production of asphalt in the complete set and depending on performance, as of August 15, 2017 start from 7,122,000.00 UAH with VAT. The cost of a ground batching plant, depending on the configuration, is from 3,500,000.00 UAH to 4,400,000 UAH, including VAT. 

With proper organization of road works and stable loading, the installation of PJSC Kredmash pays off in 1-3 years. And this is not only a profitable business, but also a profitable investment.

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