Asphalt production technology: features and stages

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Asphalt production technology: features and stages

Are you interested in purchasing an asphalt plant that will allow you to make high-quality raw materials? 

Asphalt production is a complex technology that, needs modern, efficient equipment in addition to qualified personnel.

Read about all the features and work stages of an asphalt concrete plant in our material.

Kredmash: the principle of the asphalt concrete plant

Do you want to know what the asphalt is made of?

The entire production cycle of asphalt can be divided into several stages:

  1. Screening of the components of the future mix (this includes such materials as gravel, crushed stone, sand and a number of mineral additives) through a special grid and their further distribution into bunkers. If necessary, all large elements are crushed to the desired fraction in the crushing plants.
  2. The next stage: the components are fed into the dryer drum. Here they are heated to the desired temperature.
  3. After the elements are heated using burners, they are sent to the mixer. Here the components are mixed and bitumen is added to them. As a result of thorough mixing, a ready-to-use product is obtained. 

PJSC Kredmash specializes in the production of productive equipment that meets all international standards, does not have a negative impact on the environment and does not harm the health of service personnel.

Efficient production of asphalt concrete 

To keep up with the times, we offer high-quality equipment, which is characterized by high performance. 

Our asphalt concrete plants have a number of advantages, thanks to which our customers are sure that they receive excellent equipment that guarantees quality production:

  • designed for a long service life;
  • do not need frequent replacement of components, as is the case with manufacturers offering cheap equipment of dubious quality;
  • due to the preliminary training of personnel in all the nuances of asphalt manufacturing technology, our customers produce high-quality road surface;
  • the introduction of European components from leading firms specializing in the development of parts for this equipment;
  • the ability to lay individual functions that are required by our customers.

You can buy new installations, as well as find out all the nuances of asphalt concrete production, personnel training features, the introduction of additional settings and installation time, by contacting the consultants of PJSC Kredmash.


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