PrJSC Kredmash has shipped another plant to Vinnitsa

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PrJSC Kredmash has shipped another plant to Vinnitsa
The company sent its latest novelty - KDM 2067.
Kremenchug plant of road machines is deservedly considered one of the best manufacturers of machines for the production of asphalt and components for this equipment.
Since 1949, when the company sold its first model for the manufacturing of asphalt mixes, about 21,000 such machines were produced and they operate in 50 countries of the neighboring countries and around the world.
So, during 2017 the company successfully sold 50 asphalt plants, and in the beginning of 2018 it shipped the 12 newest models by  PJSC "Kredmash", among them the new model line KDM208, KDM209 and KDM206. This is a quality effective equipment for building reliable roads, designed for large volumes of production - from 80 to 160 tons of mixture per hour.
The equipment has perfectly proved itself at the road workers working both in the big cities and on highways.
Therefore it is not surprising that this effective equipment was delivered to Vinnitsa, the regional center of Ukraine, in need of high-quality road surface: repair of old roads and construction of new routes.

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