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The condition of roads in Kremenchuk constantly caused quite fair indignation of pedestrians and drivers. In order to repair the roads, the city utilities used old equipment of the 70s, which could not stand up to criticism, and the quality of the asphalt produced by it left much to be desired.

Today, the situation has changed, and now the roads of our city are being repaired with the help of modern asphalt mixing plant KDM208 produced by PrJSC Kredmash. Our equipment allows to produce high-quality asphalt, which will last for a long time and, at the same time, the operation of the installation does not harm the environment.

Асфальтосмесительная установка КДМ-208

However, this is not the only pleasant surprise prepared by the Kremenchuk plant of road machines. as far as is known, roads have to be repaired not only in summer or spring, but also in winter and late autumn. Since it is impossible to use large asphalt concrete plants at this time of year, the Kremenchuk Road Machines Plant supplied the Kremenchug utilities with modern technology - an asphalt regenerator (recycler).

Регенератор асфальта РА-802 от Кредмаш

Thus, Kremenchuk community can be sure that the quality of roads remains consistently good, not only in the summer, but also in the winter season. All existing problems will be solved in the near future, and the general condition of the roads will allow residents of our city to get real pleasure from driving and walking.

It is especially pleasing that all these works will be carried out with the help of equipment made by  PrJSC Kredmash - an enterprise producing good-quality efficient equipment that meets all European quality requirements. So, all installations of the Kremenchuk plant of road machines are equipped with the best European components, and their installation is possible in a very short period of time (up to one month).

The future of our roads lies in the use of PrJSC Kredmash products: asphalt mixing plants, designed and manufactured in Kremenchuk, that work in many countries around the world and produce high-quality asphalt, so that soon the residents of our city will be able to enjoy the European quality of roads.

If your city also needs a high-quality and efficient asphalt mixing plant (AMP), contact the specialists of Kredmash, who will willingly select the modern and reliable equipment for you.

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