We celebrate the New Year with hope for the best

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We celebrate the New Year with hope for the best

Dear plant workers,
2021 left its events, achievements and challenges in the life of our team. Following the tradition, we recall the most remarkable moments and draw certain conclusions: what to be proud of, what to compare with and what to work on.

The year 2021 was a difficult one, not only for our company, but also for the country as a whole. The uncertainty caused by the economic crisis and the pandemic forced us in every way to look for a new format of life, customers for equipment, to carry out modern developments and promotion of products in sales markets, on which the stability of the plant depended. But despite all the difficulties, our company ends the year with positive results.

The production plan was fulfilled by 100.6%. Our spare parts manufactured for UAH 338.1 million remain in demand in the sales market. Consumer goods were sold for UAH 101.4 million, and 954325 pieces of can sealers were produced. The plan for the sale of commercial products has been fulfilled by 100% (UAH 1213 million UAH).

1870 persons work at the company. The average salary at the plant is UAH 15300. Since the beginning of the year, “Kredmash” has paid more than UAH 160 million to funds and budgets of different levels.

The main production of the plant is road machinery in demand on the market, and not only in Ukrainian. This year, 55 asphalt and ground-batching plants were manufactured, and more than 50% of them were sold in Ukraine.

Our products have also been exported: to Romania, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan.

Despite the large number of competitors, road workers are attracted to PJSC "Kredmash" by reasonable price, quality, prompt fulfilment of orders and service. Therefore, our task is to improve the quality of equipment and operational advantages, to offer machines that meet international standards.

This year, the plant’s design engineers have been working on the creation of new models of road machinery. The result was the production of perspective samples - the modernized asphalt mixing plant DC-18537E with a capacity of 64 t/h and ground-batching plant DS-50BA as a vehicle mounted with a capacity of 240 t/h. The novelties were assembled and tested at the control assembly plant site.

Technical re-equipment is the way to improve the product quality to the highest level. More than 20 million UAH was spent for this on all points of Order No. 1. internal investments (to improve technologies, replace equipment, repair, technical re-equipment, energy saving, ecology, labor protection, etc.).

Among the landmark measures are the purchase and implementation of a high-tech laser cutting machine made by Turkish manufacturer “Durma”; modernization of the foundry shop, where, where the molding compound production area is being reconstructed after the melting department has been re-equipped.

Funds have been allocated to implement measures of the collective agreement and to improve the health of employees. Service and amenity rooms, infrastructure facilities of the recreation center "Dubki" were repaired for the amount of more than 480 thousand UAH.

The greenhouse workers have grown and delivered to the factory canteen 1588 kg of vegetables and early greens for cooking.

More than 2200 vacationers visited the center“Dubki”. Sixty children of the plant’s workers had a rest in the municipal children's health improvement institutions, sanatorium-resort vouchers were purchased for 45 plant workers.

The medical insurance program ofthe Insurance Company "KNYAZHA"acting at the company. During the last insurance year, the company purchased medicines for the amount of UAH 50000 for the plant's outpatient clinic, shop and vehicle medical kits.

“Kredmash”: plans for 2022


At present, the measures of Order No. 1 for the next year are being formed. The plans include the manufacture of new products (asphalt mixing plant KDM21067 with a capacity of 240 t/h, KDM20767 with a capacity of 64 t/h), design and development of technical documentation for the drying drum with a friction drive as a vehicle mountedfor KDM209 unit.

Modernization and replacement of the equipment, improvement of production processes and much more will continue.

There is a lot to work on. All production units should be mobilized to carry out the planned activities, increase responsibility for both quality and meeting the deadlines for completing tasks. This will be the key to stable work in the future.

We all look forward to the improvement in the situation in the new year, a more active involvement of domestic manufacturers in the road construction program.

I hope that next year will be a good start for our team. A full portfolio of orders has already been formed for the first quarter.

I would like to wish each of the plant worker hope and good luck, endurance and faith in better changes. And most importantly, let's wish healthto each other, our families, peaceful sky, tranquility, joyful mood, prosperity and confidence in a happy futureto our state.

With respect and sincere New Year's greetings - Mykola Danileiko, Chairman of the Supervisory Board-President of PrJSC "Kredmash".

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