"World of Roads" Journal about PJSC "KREDMASH"

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"World of Roads" Journal about PJSC "KREDMASH"

A long way of creating a successful company has been travelled, starting with foundries on the waterlogged outskirts of the provincial town of Kremenchug. Then they grew into a small factory that specialized in the manufacture of agricultural machinery and tools – threshing machines, chaff-cutters, horse-powers and spare parts for them. For a long time, it was the only company for the production of agricultural machinery in Poltava province.

A new page in the history of the company was opened in 1930: the plant began to produce road machines (road rollers, side-scrapers, scrapers, tanks). In 1949, another landmark event took place: the first asphalt-concrete mixing plant D-225 with a productivity of 10-12 t/h was produced. This date can be considered as the beginning of the serial production of asphalt mixing plants in the Soviet Union. Over the past 65 years, "Kredmash" has produced more than twenty thousand asphalt mixing plants, many of which have been in construction for over 30 years. In the former Soviet Union, 90% of roads were built with using of Kremenchug units.

Today all products of PJSC "Kredmash" are certified for compliance with the technical safety regulations of Russian Federation and Customs Union. The quality management system is confirmed by a certificate of compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001-2000. The main advantages of PJSC "Kredmash" today are the minimum terms of production and delivery of equipment, at the request of the Customer the ability to manufacture non-standard and expanded complete sets of asphalt mixing plants in the shortest time.

Today PJSC "Kredmash" is ready to offer the Customer: a wide choice

  • modifications of asphalt mixing plants with a capacity of 56 t/h, 64 t/h, 110 t/h, 160 t/h, operating on natural gas and liquid fuel (including heavy fuel oil) with dust cleaning system based on bag filters or highly efficient cyclones (at the request of the Customer). The delivery set can include underlay metal frames that provide minimum load from components and assemblies on the ground;
  • several options for equipment layout. For example, in addition to the traditional parterre layout, a tower-type asphalt mixing plant is proposed;
  • additionally, at the request of the Customer, equipment for the preparation of stone mastic asphalt (cellulose additive unit), a set of equipment for modifying bitumen with a system for feeding, dosing and mixing polymer and adhesive additives, a line for using of old asphalt in the production of asphalt concrete mixtures can be supplied. Plant of PJSC "Kredmash" will ensure the quality of the asphalt concrete mixture (including for the upper layers of the pavement) due to:
  • availability of the dust aggregate in the standard list of equipment, which allows you to dose, temporarily store (or unload to the side of the vehicle), and thereby control the amount of dust in the recipe;
  • application of four or five fraction (at the customer's choice) screening and dosing system for stone materials;
  • application in the design of units of German burners for drying drums, Italian oil heater and burners for bitumen heaters, Italian pneumatics and other components from leading European and world manufacturers (German and Italian gear motors, screws, Swedish cast iron and steel castings for mixers, Italian starting equipment, etc.);
  • introduction of self-balancing screens with woven screens and motor-vibrators of Italian production, removed from the "hot" zone;
  • introduction of high-speed elevators for stone materials and belt elevators for dust and mineral powder;
  • completing the units with horizontal and vertical bitumen tanks with a capacity of 30, 40, 60 cubic meters with increased area of working temperature.

In addition, the company has developed a set of bitumen equipment based on in-line bitumen heater and an oil heater with a capacity of 600,000 kcal/hour manufactured by MASSENZA.

In the current 2014, PJSC “Kredmash” is developing a new model range of asphalt mixing plants KDM205 and KDM206 with a capacity of 200 t/h and 160 t/h, respectively, which reflected the requests of consumers:

  1. the screening of stone materials into 6 fractions is provided, which makes it possible to prepare any recipe for the mixture at the request of the Customer, taking into account the requirements for the coarseness adopted in Europe;
  2. the accuracy of dosing the asphalt concrete mixture components was increased due to the use of double pneumatic cylinders and new dosing algorithm;
  3. the process of heating bitumen to operating temperature is automated, i.e. the automation system provides the possibility of remote control of shut-off and control valves in bitumen and oil communications, pumping and burner equipment of oil heater;
  4. the process of operation of bag filter compartments during their regeneration has been optimized, which increases the durability of the filter cloth and ensures stability;
  5. exhaustion in the drying drum;
  6. the main units and assemblies of the asphalt mixing plant are made in auto size, which ensures the reduction in transportation costs for the Customer when relocating the equipment;
  7. the increased level of operational safety and ease of maintenance of the unit is provided. The extensive network of regional representatives (dealers), of which there are more than twenty only in the CIS countries, plays a huge role in increasing sales.

PJSC "Kredmash" faces the future. And the best proof of the popularity of its products are the annually growing sales volumes and reviews of road workers.

Member of the Management Board, Head of the Department of Foreign Economic Relations and Sales of PJSC "Kredmash"
V.P. Ponomarenko

Article from "World of roads" journal №7. Date of publication April 4, 2014 p. 51

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