Kremenchug plant of road machines performs drilling out work on metal on demand. The company has extensive experience in this field and performs all the workpieces on modern machines. Thanks to this, each client can be sure that he will receive a product that meets all their requirements as much as possible.

The price of drilling out work on metal in Ukraine

Services for drilling out processing of metal workpieces are one of the most difficult operations for machining of the internal surfaces of various holes in order to fit them to the given size.

Such operations are one order less productive than the same drilling, but they can boast a much higher accuracy of the proportions. So, drilling out allows you to ensure that the tolerance of the hole sizes reaches even 0.02 mm.

Actually, the technological process is as follows:

  • First, Kredmash specialists drill your detail;
  • After this, the resulting deepening must be expanded, which is achieved by additional drilling;
  • Next, go directly to the drilling out, which allows you to adjust the holes according to the specified technical requirements.

In addition, the production is carried out on the workpieces obtained by casting and forging, which allows to increase the diameter to the required size, to achieve almost ideal proportions and the most smooth surface.

Specialists of Kremenchug plant of road machines are ready to perform all types of drilling out work: drilling out and drilling, as well as various coordinate drilling out production on highly efficient modern machines.

The cost of such services is calculated individually and depends on a number of factors: on what material the workpiece is made of, the complexity of the order, its volume, etc.

PrJSC "Kredmash" is ready to carry out drilling out work on metal on demand of any level of complexity. We guarantee high accuracy and quality of every detail.


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