Telecommunication services

Telecommunications operator's report on the quality of telecommunications services for 2020

PrJSC "Kremenchuk plant of road machines" provides telecommunication services for the population according to the received License series АВ № 583315 as of 07.07.2011.

To conclude a contract for provision of telecommunications services, the following documents are required:

  1. Application
  2. Certificate of incorporation
  3. Taxpayer’s certificate
  4. Individuals at contract signing must have passport and tax code.

For further information, please call on the following phone numbers:

74 – 23 - 74 and 76 – 52 – 07 


Model agreement

Report on the quality of telecommunications services for 2014



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PrJSC“Kredmash” understands the importance of our company's products in today's difficult times. Therefore, we are ready to make asphalt-mixing plant DS-185 by your order in a short time.

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PrJSC“Kredmash” has completed the training of specialists in the profession of "Asphalt Concrete Plant Driver".

The period of group trainingwas from January 17th, 2022 to February 10th, 2022 on the basis of PrJSC "Kremenchuk Plant of Road Machines".

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