Today Private Joint Stock Company "Kremenchug Plant of Road Machines ("Kredmash")" is a leading manufacturer of asphalt-mixing plants and spare parts.

There were produced more than twenty one thousand asphalt mixers since manufacture of first asphalt-mixing plants in1949, many of which have been working in construction more than 30 years.

And the first asphalt mixer D225 produced by the company 70 years ago with a capacity of 10-12 t/h made a start of asphalt mixing plants serial production in the Soviet Union, where about 90% of the roads were built with using of Kremenchug units.

All this period the plant had to customize to changing market requirements: from the need to produce a large number of simple, low-maintenance asphalt mixing plants in accordance with State Planning Committee of the USSR - to high-tech, computerized asphalt mixers with individual customer specification.

Panorama of the Kredmash plant

Today, thanks to the designers and manufacturing technician efforts of the company, the manufactured equipment is improved and meets all international standards both in terms of technical and operational characteristics and environmental safety. All asphalt mixing plants of "Kredmash" brand are equipped with components of well-known world companies: motor-reducers of Czech and German production, Italian screws, thermal oil heaters from Italy, fittings of European manufacturers, as well as burners made in German and Hungarian for drying units, compressors, receivers, electrical accessories of leading European manufacturers and many other. At the same time, the availability of imported components in the equipment of the units does not affect their value, and the price remains Ukrainian.


The main building of the Kredmash plant Kredmash plant Plant of PJSC Kredmash


New equipment species are as a response to market invitations.

Annually Private Joint Stock Company "Kredmash" expands the range of products. So, during the last two years the plant mastered the serial production of radically new products - asphalt mixing units KDM 206 (160 t/h), KDM 208 (80 t/h), KDM 209 (110 t/h)KDM 205 (200t/h) manufactured in accordance with the European Union requirements and standards. Documentation has been developed and serial production is being prepared KDM 207 (60 t/h) and KDM 210 (240t/h). Their six- and five-fraction screening and batching system makes it possible to produce any composition for the asphalt mixer that used in EU.

The main units and assembly units are made in an automobile dimension, which ensures a reduction of transportation costs for the customer at equipment relocating. Units have already found their buyer and successfully proved themselves in operation.

For example, KDM 206 works on the reconstruction of global reach routes and it is ordered in all regions.

New unit KDM-208 made the first steps to the consumer, which today productively works in Kryvyi Rih, Kremenchug, Zaporizhzhia and in other citiesMore than 10 sets of them were produced. 

It was made pilot-model of concrete mixer KDM-BSU60S.

The pilot-model of KDM-209 with a capacity of 110 tons per hour was manufactured and installed in Poltava region.

In recent years, “Kredmash” has developed modern high-tech units of high productivity KDM205 — 200 tons/hour and KDM210 — 240 tons/hour, as well as new KDM207 plants with a capacity of 60 tons/hour for local territorial communities

According to "Kredmash" developers KDM 207 is exactly that unit that needs to reconditioning and construction of regional roads. The company is confident that it will be in great demand, because with the local self-government reform, significant funds are sent for their own development, including road construction.

Possibilities and advantages of “Kredmash” units.

For today the main advantages of PrJSC "Kredmash" are:

  • Minimal terms of manufacture and delivery of equipment. The plant "Kredmash" will manufacture and supply any asphalt mixing plants of its range and spare parts to them in the shortest possible time up to 25 days.
  • The possibility of manufacture in a short time of non-standard and extended, at the request of the customer, complete sets of asphalt mixing plants.
  • Fast and professional installation. Certified teams of installers assemble asphalt mixing units for a month, upon condition a site of the appropriate size and supply of electricity and gas.
  • Availability of several variants of equipment layout accommodation scheme. For example, in addition to the traditional parterre layout, it is proposed to install a tower type unit, when the finished mixture aggregate is located under the mixer, which allows to reduce the size of the construction site by almost a quarter.
  • Assurance of asphalt-concrete mixture quality (including for the upper layers of the pavement) due to the availability of dust in the standard equipment of the unit, which allows dosing, temporary storage (or unload to the side in vehicles) and thereby control the amount of dust in the composition; application of four, five or six fractional system of screening and batching of stone materials; introduction of self-balancing type screens with woven sieves and motor-vibrators of Italian manufacture, taken out of "hot" zone; introduction of high-speed elevators for stone materials and belt elevators for dust and powder; completion of units with bitumen tanks of horizontal and vertical capacity of 30, 40, 50, 60 m3 with an increased area of coils and effective thermal insulation, that provides not only heat losses compensation to the atmosphere during temporary storage of bitumen, but also rapid heating of bitumen to operating temperature.

Guarantee of maintenance personnel safety and protection of the environment. These directions are among the priorities of "Kredmash".

Production of asphalt mixing plants at the Kredmash plant

Asphalt mixing units take into account the requirements of European standards:

  • convenient and safe access to maintenance and repair areas;
  • availability of protective fences, casings, prevention of access to hazardous areas of equipment;
  • electrical safety (availability of security locks, prevention of access to live parts);
  • use certified in the European Union components, marking of cable products according to European standards and so on.

The extensive network of regional representatives (dealers) plays a huge part in sales increasing; there are only in the CIS countries more than twenty. PrJSC "Kredmash" masterfully looks forward thanks to efficient sales system, location of spare parts warehouses is at a minimum distance from consumers, innovation and reliability of products. And the best proof of its products popularity is annually growing of sales volumes and grateful opinions of road builders. We hope for the development and successful work of PrJSC "Kredmash" in further.



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