Asphalt mixing plants for small scope of work and their applications

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Asphalt mixing plants for small scope of work and their applications

Asphalt mixing plants for small scope of work are high-quality machines that are still in use today, even in times of high capacity asphalt concrete plants.

Asphalt mixing plants for small scope of work and their applications

The first asphalt mixing plants for small scope of work were produced at “Kremenchuk plant of road machines” more than 85 years ago.

Nowadays, DS-185 asphalt mixing plant is popular among road workers. This equipment has gone through many upgrades since its release.

Now DS-185 is:

  • The plant equipped with a microprocessor control system, which allows centralized control of the entire production process directly from the operator's cabin.
  • Block principle of assemblies and units allows you to quickly mount and dismantle the ACP at your site.
  • AMP completeness can be adjusted to your needs: for example, DS-185 provides screening of components into 4 fractions. At the customer’s request, it is possible to change over ACP into 5 or more fractions, which provide even better screening of raw materials.
  • The plant is designed as a vehicle-mounted unit with a set of base frames.

As DS-185 is quite in demand in the road sector, several more popular modifications of this AMP have appeared on the basis of PrJSC “Kredmash”:

  1. DS-18537A - this AMP is designed as a vehicle-mounted unit and, like its previous model, produces 56 tons per hour.
  2. The novelty of this season is DS-185UE model of asphalt mixing plant, which produces 64 tons of mixture per hour and is designed as a vehicle-mounted. Equipped with 5-fractional batching system, the vertical bitumen tank with a volume of 50 cubic meters, the dust unit and unit of bag filters, DS-185UE will replace DS-185 units and is intended for the construction and repair of local roads.

In addition to these three ACPs, there are two other popular models in the model range of our enterprise:

  1. KDM207 is the optimal solution for those road builders who are interested in small scope of work production. This asphalt concrete plant produces 60 tons of mixture per hour.
  2. KDM208 is the most powerful model in the series of asphalt mixing plants for small scope of work. This equipment is designed to produce 80 tons per hour.


  • Construction of roads in small towns, urban settlements, etc.
  • Repair of road surfaces
  • For the requirements of individual companies
  • Convenient for applications where production at a new site can be started immediately

If you want to increase your productivity and improve the productivity of the equipment, as well as improve its other characteristics, such as upgrade in the future, you can order this upgrade from the specialists of PrJSC “Kredmash”.

Our highly qualified specialists will take into account all individual requirements to make your company's production even more productive.

How to choose the asphalt mixing plants for small scope of work?

Asphalt mixing plants for small scope of work

In order to choose asphalt mixing plants for small scope of work which will cover the needs of your enterprise, contact the specialists of “Kremenchuk plant of road machines”. They will help you choose a model of asphalt concrete plant suitable for your tasks.

All “Kredmash” machinery is equipped with advanced European components, which makes it possible to produce a mixture based on any of the accepted in the European Union recipes.

You can choose a layout scheme of equipment that is convenient for you, agree on the functionality (it can be supplemented to meet the needs of your business), the timing of your order and further installation at your facility.

By choosing our asphalt plants, you are choosing a reliable, high-quality product that will serve you for a long time, consistently producing high quality asphalt mixture.


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