AMP Automation and what that’s for?

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AMP Automation and what that’s for?

In order to produce high-quality asphalt concrete mixture and make the most efficient use of all production capabilities of the equipment, the company operating on old-style units resort to AMP automation.

The main reason for modernization and automation is the need to improve the accuracy of dosing materials and, most importantly, the need to switch to five-fraction dosing system.

The modernization of the asphalt mixing plant makes it possible to reduce the energy consumption, labor intensity and material consumption of production.

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Advantages of AMP automation and what that’s for?

The specialists of PrJSC “Kredmash” perform automation of the asphalt mixing plant based on the individual characteristics of the customer: the type of equipment, current production standards, collection and analysis of customer requirements, etc.

The advantages that the company has carried out the automation of the asphalt mixing plant will receive:

  • improving of the quality of the produced road mixture due to careful control of production at all stages of production;
  • observance of proportions of the weighed components and exact dosage at preparation of ready asphalt concrete mixture;
  • control of observance of time intervals of work on all technological operations;
  • reduction of production costs due to AMP automation, which allows to reduce the workload of the staff and reduce its quantity to the required minimum;
  • the ability to adjust online the operating parameters of all equipment at any stage of production;
  • improving performance indicators with minimal financial costs;
  • ensuring the environmental friendliness of production by minimizing harmful emissions into the atmosphere;
  • remote monitoring and control of equipment operation due to data storage on a single server;
  • control of the asphalt mixing plant in the hands of one operator, who monitors the progress and accuracy of work from a modern operator's cab;
  • ensuring the safety of service personnel and the convenience of managing the unit through the introduction of the intuitive software interface;
  • control of incoming raw materials and exclusion of the possibility of its unauthorized export outside the territory of the company;
  • fixation of vehicles arriving at the plant and leaving the territory of the company, which includes identification of cars by their numbers.

What does the automation of asphalt mixing plants include?

Что включает в себя автоматизация АБЗ

Often, the companies that operate on ACS models that were released more than 10 years ago: DS-158, DS-185, DS-168 and KDM 201 is resorted to the automation of the asphalt mixing plant.

As a rule, along with automation, they also carry out AMP modernization, which makes it possible to bring technically outdated asphalt mixing plants to the modern level.

Depending on the model and the current needs of the company, the modernization of the drying and mixing units, the operator's cab and the asphalt facilities, power units, mineral powder and ready-mixed mixture, as well as the replacement of the old relay control system with a new microprocessor system can be performed.

List of works on AMP automation

As part of asphalt mixing plants automation, a whole range of works is performed:

  • First, it is carried out a plant analysis to identify the areas with the lowest productivity/ efficiency.
  • Acquaintance with the technical documentation, which will allow you to determine what work needs to be done to modernize AMP.
  • Coordination of the budget for the modernization of components and assemblies with the customer, as well as the entire range of works with the setting of the final deadlines for the delivery of the finished object.
  • Development of the necessary design and construction solutions, as well as the purchase of the necessary equipment. Please note: PrJSC “Kredmash” uses advanced European components that have proven their effectiveness.
  • Adaptation of software for all technological processes at the company.
  • Installation and erection supervision work, allowing to combine all devices into a single system, the work of which can be controlled using a modern control terminal.
  • Commissioning for the purpose of checking and adjusting all the implemented automation equipment at the plant.
  • Training of ACS staff in all the nuances of operating with the updated equipment.

What equipment is most often installed at AMP automation?

During AMP automation, the following equipment is often installed:

  1. Strain indicators;
  2. Appropriate software;
  3. Digital weighing terminals allowing to reduce the component dosing error to the minimum level;
  4. Modern automated dispensers of crushed stone/ballast, mineral powder and bitumen;
  5. Modernization of the system responsible for bitumen heating to operating temperature;
  6. Frequency converters responsible for regulating of the main operating parameters of the electric drive;
  7. Transport systems that will help to reduce the workload and eliminate manual labor if possible.

The detailed list of the equipment which is used for automation of asphalt plant will be available after inspection of your ACS and taking into account all wishes of the customer.

“Kremenchug plant of road machines” practices the complex individual approach which allows us to find the most effective decisions for all technological processes connected with asphalt production.

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