Environmental friendliness of the asphalt-mixing plant and its impact on the environment

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Environmental friendliness of the asphalt-mixing plant and its impact on the environment

Asphalt plant and ecology? At first glance, these two concepts are incompatible. Nevertheless, the experience of recent years shows that the production of asphalt concrete has become much safer for the ecology of the region where the asphalt mixing plant is installed.

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Environmental friendliness asphalt-mixing plants made by “Kredmash” plant

What is the environmental impact of the asphalt-mixing plant? If you ask about this those residents who live near such equipment, they often complain of the unpleasant smell, headaches, dust hanging in the air and other unpleasant moments from such a neighborhood.

Indeed, the asphalt-mixing plants of the past years were much less environmental friendliness than the equipment that is now used for road improvement.

Nevertheless, the modern technology of PrJSC “Kredmash” is designed in such a way as to minimize the emission of harmful substances.

So in the interests of the road workers:

  1. Firstly, all over the world, new quality standards have been adopted, aimed at reducing harm from the production of asphalt mixes. If the plant does not meet such standards (and this is usually typical for plants of previous years, which should undergo major upgrading), it simply will not have serious orders, since the client will prefer to deal with safer equipment.
  2. Secondly, fine granite dust has bad effect on the quality of the resulting asphalt mixes. Therefore, it is important for the road builders to do so as to minimize the amount of dust that is in the mixes recipe.

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Of course, such complex of equipment as the asphalt-mixing plant cannot fully operate without harmful emissions.

Nevertheless, Kremenchug Plant of Road Machines has introduced into its plants effective components aimed at reducing the risk of environmental pollution:

  • The latest models of AMP of the new model range are designed in such a way as to ensure the sieving of the components and their dosing into 5 or 6 fractions, have the required stock of heated stone components of the future mixture in a heat-insulated "hot" bunker.
  • The plants also include economical burners that are responsible for heating the raw stone materials in the drying drums: they are responsible for the efficient use of fuel.
  • The drying drums are thermally insulated, which, combined with the automatic mode of keeping the set temperature, allows you to achieve maximum heating efficiency of the components.
  • The safety of production is supported by the waste gas filtration system with the use of high-temperature fabric in their design: this guarantees effective cleaning in compliance with high environmental standards.
  • Thus, the equipment can be installed close enough to settlements. As a result of cleaning, practically pure air remains in the bag filter of the gases leaving the drying drum.
  • To reduce dust emissions, the dust aggregate is provided in AMP of Kremenchug Plant of Road Machines. This equipment has a separate dust elevator, a storage silo with the possibility of dust disposal on the side, a dust supply hopper, as well as dust transportation systems.
  • This allows the operator to easily adjust the dust in the recipe or even remove it completely, which is key for some types of produced road mix, and also helps to reduce the damage from the asphalt plant.

Kremenchug Plant of Road Machinery offers its customers reliable high-performance asphalt plants that meet all quality standards and are equipped with advanced components from Europe, which makes the operation of the plant as environmentally friendly as possible.

In addition, the company took care of making the work of the personnel who will serve the automated control system safe:

  • thoughtful and safe access to various service areas of equipment;
  • protective covers and fences near hazardous areas;
  • electrical safety locks and limited access to current-carrying parts of equipment.

Road equipment of PrJSC “Kredmash” is a balanced mix of price and quality, due to which the majority of consumers make a choice in favor of this particular modern equipment.

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