DS 158 VS DS 185 - comparison of asphalt mixing plants

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DS 158 VS DS 185 - comparison of asphalt mixing plants

Asphalt concrete mixing plant DS 158 has been very popular with road builders for many years. Asphalt mixing plant DS 185 entered the market in its place.

Read about what it is and what advantages it has over its predecessor in our material.

At first glance, it may seem that both asphalt mixing plants are almost identical. 

Indeed, the declared capacity of both plants is 56 tons/hour and the number of fractions is four.

However, this does not mean that one of these models is an exact copy of the other. 

Let's consider each of them in more detail.

DS 158: Technical characteristics of the plant 

Asphalt concrete plant DS 158 differs in average intensity. It is used for laying or repairing urban areas. 

For a long time these machines were the leaders in sales of PJSC "Kredmash": they were distinguished by reliability, a large selection of different completing units and ease of maintenance. Using a plant like DS 158, it was possible to perform the operations on the dosage of components, their drying and heating, the sorting of the components by fractions and subsequent purification, directly creating a finished product and loading it from the hopper. Let's move on to the numbers.

The DS 158 is characterized by the following:


 Type of mobility       central type
 Type of fuel    diesel
 Type of the mixer   gear, batch-operated
 Batch weight, maximum  750 kg
 Time to create the 1st batch  45 seconds
 Power    195 kWt
 Conveyor belt width  50 cm
 Bunker volume for hot stone materials   23 m3
 Method of loading into vehicle:  from under the hopper, where the mixture is contained
 Control system

 automatic or manual 

DS 185: Technical characteristics of the plant 

The DS 185 plant is great for releasing the average volume of a product.

This equipment is rightly considered sound and efficient. Like its predecessor, the DS185 is able to perform such actions as dosing the components delivered to the power unit, drying, heating and sorting, depending on the size of the 4 types of fraction, the delivery of the final product to the dumper or its supply to special hoppers designed for the premix.


DS185 plant has the following technical characteristics:


 Type of mobility  central/relocatable type
 Kind of fuel  depending on the customer's request: can be liquid or gaseous
 Type of the mixer   batch-operated
 Batch weight, maximum   730 kg
 Time to create the 1st batch  45-60 seconds
 Power  199 kWt
 Conveyor belt width    50 сm
 Bunker volume for hot stone materials   23 m3
 Method of loading into vehicle:  from under the mixer or the unit in which the ready mix is contained
 Control system  microprocessor-based

Comparison of plants and key advantages of DS 185

DS 158, the older model, which for many years was one of the most popular asphalt plants, at the moment does not comply with environmental standards, as its exhausts harm the environment.

With new generates of equipment, this problem was solved. Also, "Kredmash" has improved the maintenance system of the plant, making it much more convenient for the staff.

Let's take a closer look at the advantage of the new machine in the comparative table:

Asphalt mixing plants  DS-158 and DS-185

All these advantages have a positive impact on the quality of the product, as well as on the duration and efficiency of the equipment.

In addition, we can offer various options for upgrading the plant to customer requirements.

To find out more information about all the nuances of asphalt mixing plants operation, to buy AMP DS 185 or another model that is characterized by average performance contact the specialists of "Kredmash".

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