Pouring of bitumen emulsion when laying asphalt-concrete surfacing

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Pouring of bitumen emulsion when laying asphalt-concrete surfacing

It will be useful for companies that are engaged in asphalting of roads, sidewalks and roadside areas to learn the advantages of pouring of bitumen emulsion.

Today we will tell you about what equipment is available in the range of PJSC Kredmash.

Why is pouring of  bitumen emulsion needed when laying the road

Bitumen Emulsion Sprayer is a mini-sprayer by PJSC Kredmash allows uniform distribution of the mixture on the treated surface.

Pouring of bituminous emulsion at patching of roads 

A modern mini-sprayer allows distributing the bitumen emulsion as efficiently as possible, minimizing material consumption and the time needed by specialists to perform all the work. The sprayer has many other significant advantages:

  • control of distribution is carried out directly from the cab;
  • the machine is quite mobile, so that any tasks will be performed quickly and without any interference to road traffic.

With this equipment, you can be sure that all work will be carried out efficiently and on time set by the customer.

Bitumen emulsion sprayers manufactured by PJSC Kredmash

Kremenchug Plant of Road Machines is considered to be one of the leading modern enterprises, specializing in the manufacture of equipment for the repair of roads and highways.

There are three bitumen emulsion distributors in the assortment of the enterprise: KDM  337, small-size sprayer KDM 3391 and portable (weighing up to 20 kg) sprayer KDM 337-02.

The capacity of KDM 337 is 4 liters per minute, while the radius of spraying is 5 meters with a 4 meter sleeve for spraying and 9 meters with a sleeve length of 8 meters.

This is an effective and reliable equipment, which is in good standing with road builders, as it allows to save money and prepare pits and surfaces well before asphalting.

KDM 3391 is the latest development of the enterprise, which can be mounted in the body or the trailer of the car. It is used for spraying the emulsion before laying asphalt mixes with an asphalt paver.

Like its predecessor, this equipment can be used to joint cracks and seal the seams, as well as to patch the roads.

The spraying width is up to 2.25 m and it can be increased by request of the consumer.

There is also a small (portable) sprayer KDM 337-02 for handling constantly emerging holes on offer. Using this machine in combination with a barrel of 200 liters of emulsion allows to quickly fix the holes as they appear.

You can find out what equipment is best suited for your tasks by contacting representatives of PJSC Kredmash. Specialists of the plant will be happy to answer all your questions and guide you in the choice of equipment, depending on the required technical characteristics and operating conditions.


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