PrJSC Kredmash equipment for patching roads

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PrJSC Kredmash equipment for patching roads

 At the moment, over 95% of Ukraine's roads need capital or current patch maintenance.

In January this year, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted the concept of road development for the next 5 years.

Because the repair of old roads is the first priority, the companies working on the road market or interested in starting a business in this area should take a responsible approach to the choice of equipment for repair.

Kredmash: patch maintenance of asphalt coat in Ukraine

The government has decided to allocate over 1 billion for capital reconstruction of roads and about 5 billion UAH for the current maintenance. In turn, in the budget provides 531 million UAH for the construction of new routes, which indicates that the primary task of road workers is to put in proper trim already existing highways and roads.

The list of the main facilities subject to patch maintenance of highways includes: M-21 on the road section connecting Zhitomir and Vinnitsa, M-05 between Kiev and Odessa, M-19, H-11 on the road section from Dnepr to Nikolaev, M-06, in particular, the destroyed sections in the interval from Kiev to Chop, M-22 from Poltava and to Alexandria and many others.

The list is large enough, so the highways need responsible road builders with modern equipment for patching asphalt concrete cover, which produces a good mixture and is able to quickly eliminate the roadway shortcomings.

Equipment for patching maintenance: what equipment is used

According to the Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman, the government plans to introduce new standards for the construction of roads, which should become considerably more qualitatively, convenient and long-life.

The Cabinet of Ministers plans to strictly control the process of patching maintenance. This suggests that now the question of what equipment to use for these purposes is more acute than ever.

PJSC "Kredmash" is a company that keeps up with the growing needs of the market and is able to offer leading equipment for patching maintenance of asphalt concrete cover that meets the current standards.

The company can offer both asphalt mixing units with capacity from 60 to 200 ton/hour, as well as two machines for patching maintenance using advanced technologies: asphalt regenerator RA-802 and mini sprayer KDM-337.

The asphalt regenerator allows to produce a mix directly near a place of carrying out of works that allows to reconstruct road on technology of hot asphalt.

In addition, the asphalt recycler has the following advantages:

  • it is intended for secondary use of milled old asphalt, preparation of asphalt concrete mixture during scheduled patching of pavement, as well as urgent repairs at high humidity and negative temperature;
  • capable to produce up to 4 ton of mixture per hour;
  • works even in late autumn or winter, which is especially important when it is not possible to use other AMP;
  • can be used to strengthen the existing coating;
  • it is safe for the environment.

The mini sprayer has the ability to spray the mixture quickly and economically. This unit works on the technology of bitumen emulsion spraying.

The equipment is characterized by such characteristics:

  • sprays 4 liters of bitumen emulsion per minute;
  • suitable for cracks and seams sealing;
  • the spraying radius of the mixture is 500 cm;
  • consumes 1.8 liters of fuel per hour;
  • does not harm the environment.

Kremenchuk plant of road machines offers a wide choice of modern AMP capable to meet any needs of our customers. If necessary, the company is ready to add in the equipment the additional functions necessary for our customers.

Our equipment will quickly pay for itself and allow your business to move forward and become far more profitable and progressive.

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