The outcome of the Design Bureau of PrJSC "Kredmash" for 2020 and plans for 2021

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The outcome of the Design Bureau of PrJSC "Kredmash" for 2020 and plans for 2021

A New Year is on the threshold, which we look forward to and hope for the best. At such a time, we analyze everything that has been experienced and done, make plans for what needs to be worked on, what to achieve.

This year our plant has celebrated its 150th anniversary, and the Design Bureau is 55 years of its foundation. We are proud to continue Kredmash traditions, enrich its history with our own business, make our special contribution to the development of the plant and the creation of new equipment.

Time does not stand still, and today we develop and offer consumers quality, technically perfect products that meet all consumer needs.

Why buy our plants?

Почему покупают установки Кредмаш

“Kredmash” products meet the basic requirements of the customer:

  • provides high quality of asphalt concrete mix and the declared passport productivity
  • has low cost of spare parts and repair
  • PrJSC "Kredmash" is a 100% domestic producer

Despite quarantine restrictions and the economic crisis, 2020 passed effectively. “Kredmash” products were in constant demand on the road market. It was ordered for export to various regions of Ukraine. Domestic road organizations purchased 25 asphalt and ground-batching plants from us (half of them went to build strategically important routes).

And over the past five years, more than 110 units were sold to Ukrainian road workers. Therefore, it is no coincidence that PrJSC "Kredmash" joined the National Association of Road Workers of Ukraine (NARDU), the founders of which are such companies as "Avtomagistral-Pivden", ONUR, "Altcom", JV "Avtostrada" and others.

DS-50B ground-batching plants were in demand, as they can also be used to make concrete to strengthen the base of the roadway and a mixture using cold recycling technology. Units have proven to be reliable, durable, productive. This year, about twenty of them were sold.

But the construction of the existing DS-50B was designed by engineers almost 40 years ago and is already obsolete. Next year it is planned to design and manufacture the updated unit - DS-50BA in auto-size, with weight dispensers of cement and stone materials, with modern meters of water, bitumen emulsion, liquid additives for concrete, etc.

Active road construction requires the equipment of different productivity. The designers continued their development on asphalt mixing plants with a capacity of 200 t/h. Three such units were manufactured and sold under KDM205 index. By the way, according to the technical parameters (screen mesh area (45 m2), length and diameter of the drying drum (9 m x 2.2 m), thermal capacity of the burner (15.2 MW), filtration area of bag filters (765 m2) asphalt mixing plants KDM205 compete with similar premium-class units, and in the budget segment is commensurately to the parameters of AMP with capacity of 240-300 t/h.

In addition, the system of sieving and dosing of inert materials into six fractions in the standard configuration allows to produce high-quality asphalt mixture for both the lower and upper layers of the road surface.

Currently, the European and Asian road construction markets use "old" asphalt in the production of asphalt mixtures.

  • First, this solves the problem of recycling of old asphalt.
  • Secondly, the cost of asphalt mixture decreases due to the reduction of the percentage of bitumen in the recipe (due to the availability of "old" bitumen).

Given current trends, “Kredmash” has produced a cold recycling unit for feeding the granulate to the mixer of KDM205 unit, which can add up to 25% of asphalt granulate to the mixer. It is planned to equip other asphalt mixers of the new model range with similar recycling units, which will significantly increase their competitive advantages.

Road workers want to use reliable, high-tech equipment of European standards

Схема установки Кредмаш

Among the design projects in 2020, it should be noted the development of documentation for the asphalt mixing plant DS-18537E of parterre type with a capacity of 64 t/h with five-fraction system of screening and dosing of stone materials, with a dust unit. All blocks of the unit are made in auto-size for the possibility of transportation by Euro trucks.

This asphalt-mixing plant will replace all modifications of DS-185 and DS-185U and will give the chance to make a qualitative asphalt concrete mixture for the lower and upper layers of a roadway meeting the modern standards. Production of the first samples of the new product is planned for the first quarter of 2021.

In recent years, auto size has become one of the main requirements of the customer.

This year, several vertical bitumen tanks with a volume of 50 m3 in the size of Euro truck were designed, manufactured and shipped, which significantly reduces transportation costs. By the way, these tanks are equipped with ring coils of own production, and their area allows to heat up bitumen to working temperature. It is planned to develop documentation and manufacture also horizontal bitumen tanks with a volume of 50 m3 in the auto-size, and also there are plans to complete the majority of asphalt-mixing plants with auto-size bitumen tanks of vertical or horizontal execution.

I can't help but remember the extensive program of modernization of old models of units, which are still working successfully on road construction. In 2020, DB (Design Bureau) paid attention to this field of work, intensified efforts to develop the production of individual supplies of components and units for the modernization of obsolete units to the new requirement for asphalt concrete. These include sorting units for the transfer of mixing units to five-fraction system for screening and dosing of stone materials, and individual dust units, and new casting with increased wear resistance for mixers, and new screens with wire-mesh screens and other.

Competition in the road construction market is constantly encouraging the improvement of equipment, the development of new universal models of road machines. We are trying to keep up with the needs of modern road construction. To develop and improve at the request of time is the credo of the plant design engineers.

Сергей Перепельченко, заместитель главного конструктора

Serhiy Perepelchenko, Deputy Chief Designer

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