7 reasons to invest in the asphalt concrete plant

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7 reasons to invest in the asphalt concrete plant

Investing in the asphalt manufacturing plant is something the companies already in the road or related business have to think.

As practice shows, when you have a competent business development strategy, such investments will pay off in the first two years of operation of the new equipment. 

Investments in the asphalt concrete plant “Kredmash”

The production of asphalt at the start can seem like rather expensive investment. However, with a normal volume of orders, the costs will pay off within 2 years of work.

Having mastered the technology and having calculated the cost of asphalt, you will be engaged in a demanded and profitable business.

1. Profitable business

Investing in the asphalt plant is one of the best options for optimizing the road construction process. In Ukraine and some other CIS countries, there are always problems with the quality of the road surface. Not all highways and roads are able to withstand the current loads associated with the increase in the number of vehicles and, as a result, the traffic density.

The service life of asphalt that meets all GOST and European quality standards requirements is about 15 years. However, in practice, it wears out on the order faster and annually patching or major repairs of individual road sections are carried out.

Therefore, there is always a demand for asphalt. And there are not so many competitive companies for its production. Therefore, if you take care of compiling a portfolio of orders (for example, by participating in a tender for the repair or construction of roads), then you can count on a stable demand for your products from both private companies and government agencies.

2. Production efficiency

Let's assume you work at an old plant. The use of outdated technologies for the production of hot mix asphalt is ineffective.

Customers need better technology and more efficient work. This will help them be ahead of the competition. If you cannot provide it to them, they will go to those companies that run on advanced equipment.

3. Reducing costs

On most modern AMP, all processes of mixture production are automated and controlled centrally from the operator's cabin. This means that with the new technology, you do not need to allocate an additional budget for the maintenance of a large staff of employees. And this is one of the ways to reduce the cost of asphalt production.

To estimate how much money will be needed to start a business, a company needs to prepare a detailed business plan with all calculations.

Major objects of expenditures:

  • Purchase of equipment
  • Delivery and installation of units
  • Raw material base
  • Personnel training
  • Transport cost

In addition, the company will have to pay other expenses every month: lease of land for the site where the asphalt mixing plant is located, purchase of raw materials, service, maintenance of vehicles, wages, etc.

European experience shows that it is possible to reduce the cost of asphalt production by using of energy efficient equipment that reduces operating costs.

For these purposes modern economical burners are installed AMP, and used exhaust machines (smoke exhausters) with frequency converters, a bitumen electric heating system is provided, etc.

4. Environmental protection

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Investments in the asphalt plant of a new model range allow you to purchase modern, environmentally friendly equipment:

  • The dust unit is responsible for reducing of dust emissions;
  • The exhaust gas filtration system ensures their high-quality purification, taking into account all requirements of environmental standards;
  • 5 or 6 fraction screening system guarantees even more thorough sieving of the components, which makes it possible to produce a mixture that meets all requirements for such products.

All this helps to reduce our environmental impact and save our valuable resources.

5. Work safety

This is a top priority for people working with asphalt mixing plants.

Modern asphalt concrete plants of PrJSC “Kredmash” are equipped with all necessary safety equipment: protective fences and casings, safety locks and other devices restricting access to hazardous areas of ACP.

6. Strict observance of the mixture recipe

Investing in the asphalt manufacturing plant allows to automate the mixing process.

All asphalt mixing plants of Kremenchug Plant of Road Machines are equipped with the best European components.

This will help to reduce errors and improve equipment performance.

When the operation is automated, it can be as accurately as possible adjust to meet the current requirements of the mix recipe. You can also modify and improve the recipe to make the final product even better or more desirable in production.

High accuracy of work allows to achieve a reduction in the amount of waste, improve the quality of the mixture, and also reduce fuel consumption. All this ultimately increases your profit.

7. Quality end product

We seek to produce highly efficient asphalt concrete plants that allow us to produce a mixture in accordance with all requirements of the European Union.

A high-quality end product guarantees the satisfaction of your customers, and this is a direct way to increase the company's income.

Investment in the asphalt plant is a long-term investment. However, at competent approach, success will not be long in coming.

Having bought ACP from a good manufacturer who can support you with good service and spare parts, your project will quickly become a prosperous business, which offers high-quality products in demand.

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