Gas cleaning and dust separation equipment for asphalt mixing plants

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Gas cleaning and dust separation equipment for asphalt mixing plants

Gas cleaning and dust separation equipment is a mandatory component for every asphalt concrete plant.

This equipment is necessary in order to minimize the amount of gas emissions, abrasive dust and other pollutants that can negatively impact the environment in the region.

Read how harmful emissions are cleaned at ACP in our article.

Gas cleaning equipment for asphalt concrete plant

Gas cleaning equipment for asphalt concrete plant

With the increasing demand for asphalt as the main product used for the construction and repair of roads in Ukraine, the pressure on asphalt concrete plants has proportionally increased.

The operation of the asphalt mixing plant is inevitably associated with a significant level of gaseous and dust emissions, which have a negative impact on the ecology of the region.

In order to reduce these emissions and reduce the negative impact of the asphalt concrete plant on the environment, PrJSC “Kredmash” has been introduced appropriate gas cleaning equipment for asphalt concrete plants.

Kremenchug Plant of Road Machines offers 2 types of dust and gas cleaning systems for asphalt concrete plants:

Designed for dust removal of flue gases from the drying drum of the asphalt mixing plant.

The capacity of the cleaning gas is between 18000 m³/h and 58000 m³/h, with a filtration area between 250 and 765 m².

The bag filter involves 2 cleaning stages:

  1. Dust collector

It captures the largest dust particles and returns it to the elevator for subsequent dosing and then to the mixer. The more efficient the dust collector will be, the less wear of the gas ducts, the bag filter housing and its filter elements.

  1. Bag filter

This equipment consists of a filter unit and a hopper unit. The unit is equipped with alarm, automation and control systems, due to which absolute safety of operation of this product is achieved.

This technique involves the following cleaning system:

  1. pre-cleaning stage;
  2. cyclone unit;
  3. wet gas cleaning.

Both types of gas cleaning equipment have proven their effectiveness. However, today it is more efficient to use a bag filter. It has a high dust cleaning efficiency, and the percentage of collected particles is close to 99.998%.

That is why “Kredmash” representatives offer their services for the upgrading of AMP of previous years of production with new filters for ACP. Thus, it is possible to improve the environmental friendliness and safety of your asphalt concrete plant. All that needs to be done is to replace the combined dust cleaning system with a cyclone unit with a modern bag filter unit.

What it will give the consumer:

  • the quality of cleaning of harmful emissions increases by 10 times;
  • wet dust cleaning system is no longer required, as well as to deal with the disposal of wet sludge.

By contacting PrJSC “Kredmash”, you will be offered the best solution that will take into account all your individual requirements.

Dust Collecting Equipment for Asphalt Concrete Plant

In addition to the gascleaning equipment, “Kredmash” also supplies dustcollecting equipment for the asphalt mixing plant.

This is about ACP dust unit, which collects all dust captured in the dust cleaning system and then feeds it to the mixing unit for dosing. Air cleaning meets all current EU requirements.

The equipment performs the following operations:

  • Collection and further storage of captured dust;
  • Reducing the proportion of mineral powder and replacing it with dust in the asphalt mixture;
  • Precise dosing of dust
  • Dust disposal on the side.

This dust collection equipment for ACP is equipped with a special aeration system that prevents possible material hang-up.

The scope of delivery includes signaling devices of the lower and upper levels. At the request of the customer, Kremenchug Plant of Road Machines can complete the capacity of your AMP with continuous signaling devices.

Kredmash gascleaning and dustcollecting equipment

Kredmash gascleaning and dustcollecting equipment

PrJSC “Kredmash” has been producing gas-cleaning and dust-collecting equipmentin Ukraine since production of its first AMP.

We offer efficient gascleaning and dust collecting equipment for ACP meeting all modern quality standards.

The manufacturer guarantees conformity of bag filter unitto the requirements of technical specifications TU U 29.5-05762565-014:2007, subject to the conditions of transportation, storage, installation, commissioning and operation.

The warranty period for the bag filter unit is 12 months from the date of commissioning and no more than 15 months from the date of crossing the border, for the domestic market is no more than 15 months from the date of shipment by the manufacturer.

In addition to spare parts for asphalt mixing plants, you can also buy the modern asphalt concrete plant from us:

  1. The machinery is equipped with reliable European components from leading manufacturers;
  2. All company's asphalt plants are safe for the environment of the region where they will work, as well as for the personnel working at your company;
  3. The warranty period for asphalt mixing plants is 15 months from the date of commissioning, but not more than 18 months from the date of delivery of the equipment to the customer. In practice, many asphalt concrete mixers operate for 10 years or more.
  4. Post-warranty service provides prompt delivery of all spare parts and components.
  5. A large range of models with different capacities for different needs: from road construction in small towns to heavy equipment working in big cities, on the construction of highways and motorways.
  6. The ability to upgrade the unit with the functionality you need in your work.
  7. Prompt production of your order, as well as its installation at your site.
  8. At the request of the customer, we can perform commissioning of AMP with the release of a test batch of asphalt concrete mixture.
  9. Staff training and issuance of the appropriate certificate giving the right to work at our asphalt mixing plants.
  10. Affordable price for the entire model range.

In order to buy gascleaning and dustcollecting equipment or just the wholeACP, contact the representatives of“Kredmash”. We are ready to offer a solution that will make your work even more environmentally friendly and productive.

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