Used asphalt mixing plants for sale - advantages and disadvantages

12.01.20185171 Page views

A new equipment or installation that was in operation: where to stop the choice? Interview with the head of the department for foreign economic relations and the implementation of the Kredmash plant.

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DS 158 VS DS 185 - comparison of asphalt mixing plants

30.11.201719854 Page views

Asphalt concrete mixing plant DS 158 has been very popular with road builders for many years. Asphalt mixing plant DS 185 entered the market in its place. Read about what it is and what advantages it has over its predecessor in our material. At first glance, it may seem that both asphalt mixing plants are almost identical.

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Asphalt production technology: features and stages

07.11.201710535 Page views

Asphalt production is a complex technology that, needs modern, efficient equipment in addition to qualified personnel. Read about all the features and work stages of an asphalt concrete plant in our material.

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Mini asphalt plant: differences from stationary and mobile asphalt concrete plants

19.09.201712659 Page views

The mini asphalt plant is a demanded equipment, which has its own characteristics and advantages over stationary and mobile asphalt concrete plants. We learned from Vladimir Petrovich Ponomarenko, a member of the Board, Head of the Department for Foreign Economic Relations and Sales of PJSC Kredmash, about the difference between mini asphalt plants and other equipment in this industry, as well as product prices.

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Construction of roads in Ukraine 2017

29.08.20174459 Page views

Construction of roads in Ukraine is one of the most pressing problems. The condition of roads in our country has improved markedly over the past year, and road construction has become one of the most promising areas for business organization.

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26.07.20173840 Page views

Your specialty is asphalt production and you choose a good asphalt mixing plant in Ukraine? PJSC Kredmash offers high-quality modern installations that are leading in their industry due to a number of significant advantages.

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Asphalt plant and how it works

28.03.20178914 Page views

Asphalt plant (asphalt concrete plant), which provides the production of asphalt concrete mix in the required volume and within the specified time, is the most popular equipment in the modern market of road-building technologies.

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