Used asphalt mixing plants for sale - advantages and disadvantages

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Used asphalt mixing plants for sale - advantages and disadvantages

— The company "Kredmash" has been engaged in the manufacture of high-quality equipment for the production of asphalt for many years. What is the average service life of this equipment?

— The average life of the asphalt mixing plants produced by PrJSC "Kredmash", according to the technical documentation, is 10 years. But in fact, our plants can be found in various parts of Ukraine and abroad, in working order up to 30 years or more.

PRJSC "Kredmash" supplies spare parts for its plants and carries out their full or partial upgrading. Original parts are produced only by our company in Kremenchug ( and can be purchased through a dealer network or directly from the manufacturer.

— If any equipment piece fails, what conditions for the repair of equipment do you offer?

— If this is a warranty case within the warranty period, a failure repair will be done at the plant's expense. In other cases, the consumer has the opportunity to buy spare parts, units or assemblies to replace the ones out of order at the warehouse of  PrJSC "Kredmash" at his own expense and replace them singly or with the help of our specialists.

For all the time of the company's existence, how many times have you been asked to sell a used asphalt plant?

— Occasionally there are such requests. But we only produce new equipment and do not sell used machinery.

What are the advantages of buying used machinery?

— For used asphalt plants, I do not see any. In the secondary market, such equipment is not cheap, but it has considerable working lifespan or storage life. And in fact, it is buying a " pig in a poke". After all, you can check it in working condition only after installation.

— Are there any downsides to such a purchase? What  are they?

— First of all, buying a used asphalt plant requires the consumer to make constant investments in the modernization or repair of such equipment. This eventually increases the cost of operation of the equipment, and as a result, an increase in the cost of the final product - asphalt concrete.

But the most important thing is that the old plant, with an outdated system of dosing, safety, low environmental performance, will not be able to compete in tender purchases.

Today, requirements for the quality control system of the asphalt plants are seriously toughened. While delivering of already performed works, especially for budgetary funds, the performer can have serious problems up to alteration or cancellation of the tender.

— Since there are more disadvantages than positive moments, why are customers so interested in acquiring the used machinery?

— Today there are not so many buyers interested in buying used asphalt plants and offers for the purchase of high-quality used plants are not many today.

Buying an asphalt plant is a lot of money and a buyer naturally considers various options based on available resources, the amount of work to be performed and weighs all the pros and cons.

As a rule, used plants are imported from abroad. It takes considerable costs for delivery, customs clearance, and then search for specialists for installation and maintenance. A call of a foreign specialist is an expensive pleasure. Road workers, who have been building for a number of years, understand the difference between the new and the used, estimate the risk of plant downtime in the "high" summer season. In case of a stop due to lack of spare parts, all the price advantages fade and search for spares  becomes a disaster.

— Does the price of a new plant differ greatly from the price of a used plant?

— Naturally, the prices for new plants are higher than for used ones.

— What are the advantages of buying a new plant (in comparison with buying a used one)? What guarantees do you provide?

— The main advantages of the new plants by PrJSC "Kredmash" are their compliance with all international standards for ecology and safety, the ability to produce asphalt concrete mixture according to the recipes adopted in the European Union and the opportunity to participate in all tenders conducted in Ukraine and abroad.

By the way, the components used in our plants: motor-reducer, pneumatic cylinders, burners, automation system, etc., are produced by leading European manufacturers. Well, the most serious supporting point in comparison with foreign analogues is their price (one and a half to two times cheaper), and production time - 20-30 days and installation from 30 to 45 days.

After the launch, new plants do not require additional costs and are completely ready for operation, and the warranty period for the new model line KDM205, KDM206, KDM208, KDM209 is 15 months.

— What would you recommend to those buyers who do not know what to choose: a new plant or a used one?

— If you want to avoid unforeseen risks, then a NEW PLANT only.

Remember the proverb: "Buy nice or buy twice."

Head of External Economic Relations and Sales Department

Ponomarenko V.P. 

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