Kredmash is the leader in the Ukrainian road market

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Kredmash is the leader in the Ukrainian road market

This year was particularly active, tense and productive for the management team. And the result is excellent: "Kredmash" has proved to be a reliable partner and a recognized leader in the market of road machinery. What are the components of our company's success in 2017? This is to be spoken about in a conversation with Vladimir Ponomarenko, the head of the foreign economic relations and sales department.

In the production chain, the most important link is selling. All of us work  to ensure that the result of our efforts is properly applied so that our road machinery will reach the broad market and will be in demand.

To do this, a great deal of work is daily carried out by the company's managers and specialists in the department of foreign economic relations and sales. This year was particularly active, tense and productive for the management team. And the result is excellent: "Kredmash" has proved to be a reliable partner and a recognized leader in the market of road machinery.

What are the components of our company's success in 2017? This is to be spoken about in a conversation with Vladimir Ponomarenko, the head of the foreign economic relations and sales department:

Интервью с Владимиром Пономаренком

– Vladimir Petrovich, how do you assess the results of work in 2017?

– 2017 will really go down in history as a year of extraordinary growth. We have not worked so hard all year and have not had orders two quarters ahead for a long time. Many components came together to the general success and not a single link can be thrown out of a this mechanism.

New perspectives of strengthening our positions in the market of road machinery were opened with the production of a range of modern installations which confidently entered the international market,  like  KDM206, KDM208, KDM209 created  by our engineers and workers. Installations KDM207 and KDM205 have been designed and they are waiting for their customer.

Now we have the entire range of plants and can meet the needs of any customer, offering equipment productivity from 60 to 200 tons of mixture per hour. Their quality and reliability are confirmed by certificates of compliance and operational experience.

We obtained an international certificate for asphalt mixing plant KDM20667. Now certification of other new plants is being carried out, and this work shall be completed in a short time. This equipment is decent enough to be offered to the European customers.

Асфальтный завод от ЧАО Кредмаш

– What are the ways that lead you to the customer?

– The main task of the management is to find buyers for our products, ensure the uniform placement of orders in production and timely shipment of finished products. We do not only ship, but also do customs clearance of products, which is a strenuous task at this difficult time.

The foreign economic relations and sales department used its extensive experience and carried out powerful advertising activities. This year, the official site of our company was updated, a modern interface and a trilingual version of the site were created. Creation of  a website is half the battle;  it still needs to be filled with fresh and up-to-date information and its support shall be improved, and this is a constant and painstaking work.

Therefore, there appeared a new "Ask a Question" rubric, which gives an opportunity to advise road builders on-line. There was a feedback and live communication: consumers leave the order, we discuss the details and give answers to technical requests together with experts. The site is registered in social networks, many consumers have already handled various issues. There are positive feedbacks from visitors. It works for the company's image. 

Кредмаш участник выставки

This year "Kredmash" became a participant in the online system of open public procurement "ProZorro". We successfully held two auctions and won the right to supply new asphalt mixing plants in Sumy and Kremenchug. We plan to continue this practice next year.

As a part of our marketing, we also use help the  customers in  personnel training and instructing. Our managers and engineers have repeatedly visited consumers (including foreign ones) for the presentation and putting into operation of the automated control system, communicated with road builders and provided valuable recommendations for operation.

We constantly invite our customers to visit our  plant, to have a look at  the production and see with their own eyes the creation of road equipment and municipal vehicles. We conduct excursions to the shops of our plant. We apply a very flexible system of discounts for our products.

A large role in increasing of sales volumes is played by an extensive network of regional representatives (dealers). They are aware of the situation in the market of road machinery in their regions and successfully sell our equipment and spare parts on our behalf and participate in tenders with our help.

Кредмаш участник дорожно-строительного форума

–  Vladimir Petrovich, there is a proverb that "One eyewitness is better than two hear-so's". What does your service do to ensure that many road builders have a chance to see our installations in action?

– Of course, the potential customers evaluate the equipment completely differently, when they see it working. We invite road builders to look at the plants in operation where they already work (and these are different regions of Ukraine and the CIS).
Last year, the first and effective experience of advertising new equipment was the demonstration of the "live" samples of our new model range at the largest specialized exhibitions "AvtoDorExpo" and "KomunTech", where the main units of the asphalt mixing plant KDM208 and concrete mixing plants KDM-BSU60S were exhibited. For the first time the buyer was able not only to hear about the advantages of the products of the brand "Kredmash", but also to enter the cabin, see the quality of welding, painting, etc. The visitors were pleasantly surprised. After all, the idea of the plant's products was built on the knowledge of the AMP of previous years and the older model line: DS117, DS158, D645, etc.

In 2017, Kredmash took part in three Ukrainian exhibitions and four foreign ones (AvtoDorExpo, Avtotrassa, Ukrayinska Doroga, STT, Kazavtodor (Astana), Road Infrastructure and Transport (Baku), "KavkazBild Tbilisi" (Georgia). At the "AvtoDorExpo" exhibition in Kiev, we showed ready samples of municipal equipment - asphalt regenerator RA-802 and mini- distributor KDM337, as well as a model of the asphalt mixing plant of the new model line KDM206 together with all the bitumen-processing structure.

The exhibition "AutoDorExpo" was held in autumn, at a favorable time for us, when the construction season was over and the road workers began to prepare for the next one: to make plans for the purchase of equipment and to look for producers. There were many substantive conversations, and from this exhibition we brought three ready-made contracts for the purchase of new plants. Experience of demonstration the samples, of course, needs to be continued.

Завод Кредмаш посетил премьер-министр Гройсман

– In the nomenclature of wheeled vehicles, there have recently appeared new items of small communal equipment. How did the customer meet them?

– This year we actively presented communal equipment. Two exhibitions were held in Kremenchug and one in Gorishni Plavní, where the samples of the RA-802 asphalt regenerator and the mini- distributor KDM337 were presented to the Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman and the chairman of Ukravtodor Slawomir Nowak.

Due to the fact that local roads are transferred to the care of regional administrations and funding is being channeled to this sector, we hope to actively promote our products to local communities and participate in tenders for its procurement.

We should not forget about such a popular product as the  sealing machine MZP-1, which has already been in demand for 30 years in the market. And this indicates the quality and reliability of the product. Despite the large number of other items on offer, the sealers of the "Kredmash" brand has been constantly asked for  in stores. Monthly no less than 70 000 pieces of sealers are sold in Ukraine and CIS countries. Our sealing machine is being improved, a new sample is being tested - an automatic sealing machine.

Минигудронатор КДМ337 от ЧАО Кредмаш

– What other forms of marketing activities shall be added?

– Indeed, not only the exhibitions gave the push to the sales growth in Ukraine. This was facilitated by the "deferred demand" for new equipment, increased financing for road construction, and the emergence of new companies involved in the construction and repair of roads.

From our side, followed the timely created by our engineers samples of new modern technology, an active advertising company, awareness of potential buyers through the media, targeted dispatch of advertising products to mayors of cities and heads of road services, the publication of advertising and technical articles in specialized magazines, videos, the release of an updated an advertising booklet, aimed at a new line of plants and novelties of communal equipment, etc. 

All this allowed to expand the range of domestic consumers. For the first time in many years the ratio of sales of our products abroad and in Ukraine has changed. In 2016-2017, twice as many asphalt mixers were sold in Ukraine than abroad.

Рециклер асфальтобетона РА-802

– And yet, what is the secret of our jackpot-2017?

Such a positive breakthrough of the brand "Kredmash" in the domestic market was due to favourable conditions and painstaking work of the company's specialists. Several factors met together: statewide large-scale road construction (finally!) and its budget financing, our opportunities to offer road users the necessary high-level equipment, service maintenance, custom-made developments, short production times, active advertising work, et cetera.

– Vladimir Petrovich, if you were asked why to buy our equipment, what would your answer be?

-  Firstly, we have advantages in the price of products (with equal performance characteristics, our facilities are one and a half to two times cheaper than others). Secondly, we offer quality, not worse than that of well-known manufacturers. Thirdly, we guarantee fast production, installation, training of personnel, modernization of older equipment (which is very important now). Fourthly, we provide continuous contact of the manufacturer with the consumer. We are a company with history, experience, reputation. Therefore, people trust us.

I want to thank my team of the foreign economic relations and sales department for the great efforts in the promotion of the "Kredmash" brand as well as to congratulate all the plant employees on the New Year and wish stability, happiness, a a firm tread to even greater achievements!


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